Copy Versions of BriteLyt


Above photo BriteLyt XL made of brass and stainless steel will last a lifetime 

There are no Copy’s of the BriteLyt XL lantern as it’s a new state-of-the-art CAD engineering  lantern and no other is made like BriteLyt XL .

Below COPY VERSIONS of BriteLyt XL & Petromax / FAQS

ATTENTION:  It has come to BriteLyt, Inc.’s attention that consumers are using our patented & patent pending safety features, in other manufacturers’ lanterns.  BriteLyt, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damages, incurred, if safety features are not installed by BriteLyt, Inc.’s technicians.

BriteLyt, Inc. offers no warranty on products altered with these safety features, with any product sold by another manufacturer, which is not of BriteLyt, Inc.’s product.

For proper installation of safety features, to your lantern, please contact us. IF YOU ARE BEING TOLD THAT ANY OF THE COPY LANTERNS “ARE THE SAME AS”, OR “WILL WORK JUST LIKE” THE BRITELYT XL MULTI-FUEL LANTERNS, …….Please do not hesitate to contact the U.S. Dept. of Consumer Protection, to prevent any undue damages to yourself or your property.

!! BriteLyt is the only lantern of its kind,,,, backed by Multi-Fuel Lantern U.S. Patent!! See BriteLyt warranty

If you buying a copy of the BriteLyt Products, then you’re not buying a true MULTI-FUEL product.

Why buy a cheap copy (kerosene only)when you can have the best??? Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re getting the same quality/function of the BriteLyt lanterns………’re not saving money, and you’re certainly getting cheated on their so-called bargains & “savings”. They good for 1 to 2 light ups and will not work after that (and need to be repaired).

Actually……Some photos of the lanterns are not actual photos of the lantern you are purchasing, on these so-called “copies”. Go to the BriteLyt website”, if you want a quality, fairly-priced lantern or stove. Or…..Shop our on-line store.

Butterfly lanterns and stoves, are not manufactured to the specifications, of the BriteLyt lanterns and stoves. The Butterfly may look similar not a good copy even Petromax, but you’ll definitely notice the difference, when placed side-by-side. . The Petromax lanterns, with none of BriteLyt’s patented equipment, are better than the Butterfly lantern. The Butterfly is over-priced at $35.00 to $90.00 US dollars, when the actual manufacture cost is $15.00 – $20.00(USD).

FAQ: Some of the “copy” lanterns are purchased, direct from India or China for less than $12.00/ea…So where are YOUR savings??? Actually, they’re priced too high, without your interest or SAFETY in mind.

!! There prices at any low price is way too high!!!

Don’t be fooled by these imitations… could be more costly, in the long run.

**Petromax, SeaAnchor, Butterfly,Wenzel, Egret Brand, American Camper, Noorie lantern & other brands are not equipped with BriteLyt’s XL

Patented safety features, and ARE NOT DESIGNED for multi-fuel use.

(Please use kerosene only in the above said lanterns, as recommended by manufacturer).

If you have one of these copies we can assist you by applying our safety parts into your lantern.  Just ask us how.  Customer Service  or call 727-451-7020

(**Above said brand names are registered to their prospective owners/trademark.)

Below is an example of copied version of the BriteLyt (multi-fuel) & Petromax (kerosene only) lantern.(Made of steel)

09 Hand Lanterns
download Made in India above these will RUST
Butterfly all steel lanterns not stainless steel they will RUST
SeaAnchor will also RUST
Petromax Lantern
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