Original Petromax Kerosene Lantern above.

“PETROMAX” lanterns were designed and developed by Adolf & Max Graetz, who were appointed managing directors of their family business (Ehrich & Graetz) in 1889.

From their efforts arose the most powerful & reliable lanterns in the world at the time.

Designed by the Germans since the early 1900’s, these pressurized lanterns were invented to be the most reliable, easiest to use, and capable of operating on 2 fuels (i.e…..kerosene, diesel.).

       Petromax(GERMAN REG’D) not made in Germany MADE IN CHINA  above.


When we set out to create our new line of industry leading lanterns(BriteLyt XL) we left no part overlooked. Every bit of our lantern’s operation and construction has been engineered to be the best available and in a world of low prices and low quality, we have set the bar for high powered, liquid fueled lanterns.

From heavier, more durable materials to a complete re-engineering of many key systems we have been able to offer you a product that we are proud to use ourselves! (Viton rubber)

Perhaps the most unique feature is our ability to burn more than just Kerosene or Gasoline. With the ability to burn bio-fuels and other affordable and readily available fuels, BriteLyt has set itself apart from its competition. (i.e…..kerosene, diesel, gasoline, Bio-diesel, mineral spirits, charcoal lighter fluid, lamp oils, etc)

We invite you to take a tour of our new lanterns and see for yourself how much time and effort has gone into producing the King of all Lanterns. the NEW BriteLyt XL.


BriteLyt XL all fuel lantern Above Buy a BriteLyt Now

See copy versions

Original Petromax™ 500CP/HK

Coleman Northstar™

BriteLyt™ 500CP


15.75″ 15.95″ 16.25″
Diameter 6.7″ 7.81″ 6.7″
Weight 5.3 pounds 4.98 pounds 6 pounds
Tank Capacity 1 Liter 0.95 liters 1.65 liters
Burn Time 8-10 hours 7-14 hours 8 – 25 hours*
Illumination 400 watts 200 watts 10-550 watts*
Warranty 2 years (limited) 5 years (limited) Lifetime (limited)
Fuel(s) Kerosene, Paraffin Oil (EU) Coleman™ Fuel, Gasoline Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline, White Gas, Biodiesel, Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinner, Lighter Fluid, Lamp Oils, Coleman™ Fuel, all JP Fuels, Citronella Oil, Plus Many More!

Only BriteLyt has the multi-fuel lantern patent BriteLyt Patent

BriteLyt use by the US Army

BriteLyt in the US Army