Light – Petromax

Petromax lanterns use Kerosene only as a fuel and light output is Low approx: 380 to 400 watts and only holds 1.0 liter of fuel. The Fount (fuel tank part 118) is poorly made with a support bracket inside the fuel tank that will cause trash in the fuel and problems when trying to use the lantern see A look inside the Petromax Fount also a look at both lantern parts and Founts so take a look at the NEW BriteLyt XL lantern today

Petromax lantern and Fount
Petromax Lantern and Fount


The BriteLyt 829/500CP Rapid XL, the new world standard! The new BriteLyt XL family of high powered lanterns represent the biggest innovation in over 100 years for liquid fueled lantern technology. We started from scratch to design the most durable, functional and innovative lantern the world has ever seen. No one made there’s from 3D-CAD BriteLyt 550 watts and holds 1.65 liters of fuel burns longer: Go to shop for your lantern 

BriteLyt XL 500CP
BriteLyt XL
BriteLyt XL Fount no problems never rust no trash ever
BriteLyt XL
Only BriteLyt in the field all fuels
BriteLyt XL / Petromax
BriteLyt XL over 550 watts
BriteLyt XL
HA it’s dark out there
BriteLyt Alcohol lantern
The BriteLyt all Alcohol lantern
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