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Having problems with light its dim:

britelyt 3d cad

 This will help bring back a good clean burn in your lantern and stop most red flame’s around mantle.

Problem:   Lantern is operating just fine, but after 2-3 min. or 30 sec., drops from a bright light to a dim one.  Solution:  Clear #50 by turning part #111 (Knob) from 6 O’clock to 12 O’clock(back & forth motion).  This helps… but…if it dims again, then you will need to clean the parts below (see photos).

If there is a “flaming” around the mantle(after performing above process), then see instructions shown below.

cleaning parts

See below photos: Remove Part #50 before cleaning out part #152.  Use a 22 caliber brush.  This is easiest method.  Use brake. oven cleaner, or carburetor

clean part 152

See photo below: Remove large chunks of carbon (we use standard butter knife).   Sandpaper part #101 after taking off large parts of carbon.

part 152 clean 

Use a 22 cal. wire brush used in cleaning 22 cal guns helps inside the part 152. Use dry first then spay the carburetor or a break cleaner inside then use the brush again.

parts clean 152

The best way to put the parts back together is #152 upper vaporizer then #68 needle then #50 nipple, (with a dot of lock tight that can take heat) and most of the time #111 at 6 O’clock after you put the #68 in place.

Alcohol light

alc kitlight lamp

If you were to use the alcohol preheat and not the rapid preheater.


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