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BriteLyt vs. Petromax Geniol & Other Pressurized Lanterns


Q. I just bought a Petromax or Geniol lantern. My dealer says that it is “multi-fueled”.
Is this correct?

A. No. The “Petromax” & “Geniol” brand lantern is for use with kerosene only. You can,However, use lamp oil, as it is of low viscosity. 

As BriteLyt XL has the only Multi-fuel lantern patent 

Q. I was told that the “Petromax” or “Geniol” lantern was manufactured in Germany. True or false?

A. FALSE.  The Petromax and Geniol lantern is manufactured in China. A company, located in Germany, is Distributing lanterns to the U.S. Just because they are “coming from” Germany, does  Not mean manufactured in Germany.

Think of it this way………..direct from China, to Germany, to you…….WHY PAY FOR THEIR IMPORT/EXPORT FEES????

Q. Yeah…..But the dealer I bought the Petromax from, says that it can use
Multi-fuels. What’s up with that?

A. You were misinformed, and, if used with fuels, other than the type specified by
Manufacturer, you could be at risk of injury or property loss. As BriteLyt XL has the only Multi-fuel lantern patent 

Q. What do I do about this?

A. Contact your State, Local, or Federal Consumer Protection Agency Always have
Your receipt, any documentation stating such claims, etc. False advertising is Against the law, and, as a consumer, it is your right to report such incidents.

Q. What’s the difference between the “Petromax” & “other pressurized lanterns
That look the same?

A. On the BriteLyt – Multi-fuel lantern is back by patents, equipped with Our specially-designed parts, for use with liquid, volatile fuels. And….The BriteLyt lantern(s) have all been thoroughly tested for such use, and WITH YOUR SAFETY IN MIND.  BriteLyt XL  is not the same as Petromax are any-other lantern made.

Q. What other brands are out there, claiming to be “multi-fueled” capable, but
Really aren’t?

A. There are such brands on the market called “Egret Brand” “Sea Anchor”, “Butterfly”, “Wenzel”, and “American Camper” . Other Poor copies are being placed on the markets now, so, as we Always say, “BUYER BEWARE!”.See More: COPY VERSIONS of BriteLyt & Petromax / FAQS

NOTE: The “Wenzel” brand was sold by Sam’s Club, and In most areas, was advertised as “multi-fuel”. The Wenzel company, however, Did, indeed, state in their instructions & on their labels that the lantern was To be used with “kerosene only”.

Q. Will your parts fit my old Petromax?

A. YES: Most parts will fit; however, we do not guarantee that your lantern will operate properly if we do not do the work. But if ordering in the web store look good as the BriteLyt XL parts will not fit any-other lantern if your not sure ask us.

It is always best to send your lantern to BriteLyt, Inc., if you wish to “modify” Your model of lantern. We do have parts and make repairs to Butterfly, Wenzel, Egret Brand, Sea Anchor, Aida, Hipolito, Geniol, Petromax, BriteLyt, Optimus & other models of Pressurized lanterns. 

Ask us ……..call 727-451-7020. or ASK A TEC.

Q. I just bought a lantern, and it has the same “o-ring” system, and other parts that
Are in your lantern. So…….What’s the scoop?

A. If you purchased a lantern, with our patented parts, then you must report this, as this is in violation of patent laws. Purchase of our patented products, from any person, or entity, without permission from BriteLyt, Inc., is in violation of these patent laws.

Please report this to BriteLyt, Inc., immediately. CustomerService or call 727-451-7020

Q. What about the “Schott” glass globe/chimney? The glass says that it’s Made in
Germany….Is this true?

A. FALSE!  It’s manufactured in Hungary, and the glass is thinner, than the old Schott glass made in the 60’s.

BriteLyt glass globe/chimney, is manufactured to the old specifications…..stronger, Heavier, & can withstand spray of water on it, while the lantern is operating.

Q. Is it true about the “Noorie” lantern? Is it multi-fuel? And…..” Since the invention of lanterns in the 1920s nothing had been modified until Noorie came along”.

A. FALSE!!! Absolutely, not true, and is very misleading to clients. The lantern is not capable of multi-fuel use, and, definitely not manufactured for use of methanol. As far as our investigations, we have never found a “Noorie” lantern manufacturing facility.

This is another example of the various “copies” of  BriteLyt’s Product’s. BUYERS BEWARE!! Most copies of Lanterns and stoves made in India, have been very poorly manufactured.

Only BriteLyt has gone to great efforts to provide you with the most versatile lantern on the market today.(Heat, cook, and light).!!! Even KEEP THE BUGS AWAY !! with Citronella oil in our lantern !!!

BriteLyt has a Multi-Fuel Patent and will be making an all alcohol lantern system with the ability of interchange w/lanterns, going back to the 1920’s. some photos of today’s Petromax MADE IN CHINA 

petromax today

BriteLyt XL lanterns below not the same as the Petromax made much better
BriteLyt XL lantern
BriteLyt XL Multi-Fuel lantern
BriteLyt XL lanterns
BriteLyt XL Polished Brass with the Frosted Glass


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