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Petromax  |  SKU: PX-SET-0014


  • 3-teiliges Set: Petromax Atago Grill, Transporttasche, Umluftkuppel
  • Petromax Atago ist ein absoluter Allrounder: Grill, Ofen, Herd, Feuerschale
  • Transporttasche: hochwertige Tasche aus robustem und reißfestem Ripstop
  • Umluftkuppel: zusammenfaltbare Kuppel aus hitzebeständigem Fasern für das Zubereiten von Pizzen und Flammkuchen sowie zum Smoken und Garen
  • Draußen-Kocherlebnisse für alle, die Multifunktionalität lieben

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The Petromax Atago Set is the set for those who want more - flexible cooking pleasure, no matter where you are:

  • 3-piece set: Petromax Atago, transport bag, circulating air dome
  • Petromax Atago is an absolute all-rounder: grill, oven, stove, fire bowl
  • Transport bag: high-quality bag made of robust and tear-resistant ripstop
  • Circulating dome: foldable dome made of heat-resistant fiber for preparing pizzas and tarte flambée as well as for smocking and cooking
  • Outdoor cooking experience for those who love multifunctionality

The Petromax Atago Set takes your barbecue adventure to a new level, as you get the Atago in perfect combination with transport bag and convection dome. The three-piece set thus offers a wide range for those who love variety.

Grill, oven, stove and fire bowl in one

The Atago is a stainless steel grill that, thanks to an ingenious design, uses the chimney effect to ensure a very quick start-up. You do not need a lighting chimney. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable air supply, you can regulate the temperature to your liking and adapt it to your food. The grill grate is included. Whether with coal, briquettes or logs, the Atago can be used in many ways.

Numerous possibilities for variety in outdoor cooking

With the help of a fire pot up to size ft9, the Atago becomes a fire pot station, an oven, because the Dutch Oven fits perfectly into the opening and you place it directly on the glowing coals. When you place briquettes on the lid of the firepot, you get top and bottom heat like in the oven - the perfect condition for baking juicy bread with soft crumb and perfect crust, for layered meat or cauliflower casserole topped with cheese.

Even after grilling, you can continue with a cozy fire, because you can use the Atago as a reliable and safe fire bowl. The double-walled two-cylinder construction ensures that the Atago does not heat up on the underside and the campfire burns almost smoke-free.

Another special feature is the recirculating dome, which is made of heat-resistant fibers. This is simply put over the Atago. The rising and collecting heat gives you a smoker or prepare homemade pizza, tarte flambée or bread on the Atago.

Into the flexible adventure: in the transport bag you can take the Atago everywhere with you

After the barbecue and cooking adventure, you can fold the Atago in one easy step. It can be quickly stowed away in the supplied transport bag. Thanks to various pockets for accessories, a reinforced base, a removable and wipeable insert, the all-rounder Atago accompanies you on your next trip to the mountains, the forest or the river.

The Petromax Atago Set is the ideal set for all fire cooks who are looking for variety and want to try out different cooking methods as well as experience new outdoor adventures in a location-independent and flexible way.

Set components:

Petromax Atago,

Transport bag,

Air circulation dome


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