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Petromax  |  SKU: DOCHT7

Wick petroleum stoves diameter 75 mm x 200 mm

  • Äußerst hohe Lebensdauer
  • Hervorragendes Flammverhalten
  • Schickes Petromax-Design
  • Verwendbar für verschiedene Öfen
  • Leicht und kompakt

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This Petromax stove wick made of fiberglass and cotton impresses with excellent flame behavior and an extremely long service life. As usual for all Petromax products, this stove wick also comes in the chic Petromax design. Suitable for the following stoves
ENVIROTEMP 30466KERO SUN CTA-1EKERO SUN CTK-25KERO SUN Rainbow BKERO SUN Rainbow CKERO SUN RB-20AKERO SUN RB-20AKERO SUN RCA-26KERO SUN RCA-680KERO SUN RSA-11KERO SUN RSA-26KERO SUN SUNDOWNER F07SDAKERO SUN SUNSPRITEZibro fireplace 5CZibro fireplace BRAVOZibro fireplace CHAMPIONZibro fireplace Eurostove ParisZibro fireplace R111CZibro fireplace R2Zibro fireplace R2.5CZibro fireplace R2.9CZibro fireplace R210CZibro fireplace R22CZibro fireplace R23CZibro fireplace R250CZibro fireplace R25CZibro fireplace R2800CZibro fireplace R2900CZibro fireplace R290CZibro fireplace R290CZibro fireplace R29CZibro fireplace R30.40CZibro-fireplace R390CZibro-fireplace R39CZibro-fireplace R545Zibro-fireplace RCA-22CZibro-fireplace RCA23CZibro-fireplace RCA26Zibro-fireplace RCA2800Zibro-Fireplace RCA66Zibro-Fireplace RCA66EZibro-Fireplace RCA66E3Zibro-Fireplace RCA68Zibro-Fireplace RCA680Zibro-Fireplace RCA680CZibro-Fireplace RCA68E3Zibro-Fireplace RCA68W

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