Nozzle Stainless Steel-3-ss 150CP


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Nozzle Stainless Steel-3-ss 150CP

Part #3-ss -150CP Made of Stainless Steel fits all generations of 150CP lanterns.

(Petromax, BriteLyt, Hipolito, Aida, and Geniol) Replaces the ceramic nozzle part number #3 on all baby lamps approx. 11″ high

!!! All High Grade Stainless no coating !!!! Polished Stainless !!! No Magnet will stick to this nozzle !!!

Second Photo is for reference only shows 500CP and 150CP nozzle’s.

No other SS nozzle out there is made like this the others are poorly made and not to the right size for the performance our’s make they do not perform the same not good light output only use BriteLyt made products for the best performance of any lantern.

Stronger than standard ceramic #3
Doesn’t loosen up, like regular ceramic piece
Provides shorter pre-heating time
Cleaner mantle-burn with oil-based fuels
A bright burn to the mantle with gas fuels not a yellow look cleans up mantle on all fuels.
10% to 100% brighter light above 100watts.
Increases fuel efficiency of lantern.


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