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BriteLyt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does “500-cp” mean?

That’s the rating of these products, which stands for “candle power”. 500 cp is a rating of 550-watts in the new BriteLyt XL lanterns only.

If you were to place four (5) “standard” dual mantled gas lanterns, together, you would see get the equivalent of our one-mantled lantern!

 How long to the mantles last?

A mantle can, and has been known to, last for over a year. One of our technicians loves to night fish in the Tampa Bay area, and uses the lanterns almost every weekend. He hasn’t had to replace a mantle in well over a year now. It varies from mantle to mantle, of course. Petromax makes the best quality mantles on the market today.

Do I have to buy a globe or start-up kit separately?

NO. Your products comes with everything you need to get started, so you can immediately enjoy their use.

What about parts? Will I have trouble getting these? What if they change?

The parts for these products have not changed in years, and are available. All you need to do is call us or order on our online store (they’re low-cost), and we will ship them out immediately. IF, you ever need them, that is.

If I run out of kerosene, what do I have to do to put in a different  generator or jet ?

Absolutely nothing. The generator system is not a throw-away, and does not have any packing in it that will cause it to stop up or clog up. You can even mix the fuels together. No problem!
(Example: The tank is low on kerosene, but you don’t have anymore available NO PROBLEM! Just turn the lantern off, and pour whatever fuel you have on hand into the tank. Been there done that.) See how easy & convenient it is?

How long will the lanterns & stoves operate?

The lanterns & stoves have approx. one (1) quart tank capacity. The lanterns usually run anywhere from 8-20 hours. The stoves have been known to operate for as long as 3-6 hours, without lowering the heat. (These figures are based on field testing at running at highest setting and what fuel your using.) some info on the fuels

Who uses these things?

The Petromax products are used in some parts of  the world. These products were sometimes the main heating/cooking resource for the German  armies during the war.

Today they use the BriteLyt XL and are still used by various Government agencies, as well as the NATO forces. They are made to withstand extreme conditions, altitude and temperature changes from sub-zero temperatures to equatorial.  Also used during “Operation Desert Storm”. Well-known wildlife photographers use these products, due to the fact that they don’t have to carry large containers of fuel around. The Amish communities use these products because of their durability, cost-efficiency, versatility, and long-lasting running time. See the US Military testing.

Do not store Fuel in the tank more then 6 months best to leave empty.

What if I want to talk to a technician?

No problem. Just give us a call. 6-days a week.
or go to our  Contact Page

Manual and parts breakdown

 EN English Manual

ESSpanish Manual

DEGerman Manual

FRFrench Manual

SVSwedish Manual

PLPolish Manual

PTPortuguese Manual

GRGreek Manual

JAJapanese Manual

ZHChinese Manual

RURussian Manual

ARArabic Manual

Replacement Parts 

Video howto page

Clean Parts 101 and 152

Troubleshooting Tips

Sooty Flame Nipple is Loose
Needle is Broken
Tighten with spanner
Replace Needle
Flame Ring Around Mantle Regulating screw in wrong position or
nipple/nozzle is loose.
Turn screw vertical to vertical position
Kerosene on Vaporizer Vaporizer upper part leaky
Vaporizer lower part leaky
Valve washer 193 is leaky
Renew upper part
Tighten sleeve nut
Replace washer
Glass Chimney turning white Gas mantle is defective Replace mantle
Flame is pulsing Pressure too low in container Extinguish, pump again, relight lamp
Kerosene on container Vaporizer upper part leaky
Vaporizer lower part loose or leaky
Pump valve is defective
Nipple is loose
Renew upper part
Renew lower part or renew washer
Replace valve or washer
Tighten with spanner
Kerosene in pump barrel Pump valve is defective Replace washer
Pump will not function Leather washer too dry Scrape washer & lubricate with oil
Piston Comes out of Barrel Pump valve defective Replace pump valve
Pressure comes from container Pump valve is defective
Screw on gauge open
Vaporizer valve defective
Replace Pump valve
Tighten screw
Replace valve
Does not burn Pressure in tank too low
Nipple is blocked
Old fuel
Wrong fuel
Pump more air
Turn hand wheel 360
Replace with fresh
Use fresh kerosene
Light is dim (not full brightness) Pressure is too low
Nipple is blocked
Nipple is loose
Gas mantle defective
Regulating screw at wrong angle
Not enough kerosene in tank
Pump more air
Turn hand wheel 360
Tighten with spanner
Change mantle
Turn screw vertical
Extinguish, refuel, relight again
Preheater stutters Pressure is too low or high
Preheater nipple blocked
Not enough kerosene in tank
Pump or release air
Clean with cleaning needle
Extinguish, refill, & relight again
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