Petromax Lifestyle adventure

Discover the Petromax lifestyle - your adventure, your freedom

With our Cooking, Heating, Lighting and Cooling categories, we offer you products for the whole year - whether at home, on the road or far away. With Petromax you are always mobile and can experience your adventure wherever you want. Our goal is to make nature accessible to everyone and to support you in discovering your own personal adventure.

Experience the Petromax lifestyle and be ready for unforgettable moments in the wilderness!

Your adventure knows no season

Experience real adventures with the Petromax Adventure Camps

We are working flat out to set up a unique project: the Petromax Adventure Camps. Our aim is to bring people and nature together in a special way. Experience the key to full enjoyment of nature up close with Petromax.

Get valuable expert tips from our experienced scouts and create your own unforgettable adventure. Our motto is "Born in the Wilderness", and this camp will help you break away from the daily routine. Our products are ready for any adventure - are you?

Stay excited and get ready for unforgettable moments in nature! Receive the latest information about the project via our newsletter and benefit from many exciting offers.

We are the key,
to enjoying nature.

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