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Outdoor Gourmet

With tips from TV and Michelin-starred chef Andi Schweiger, you can create taste sensations in the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoors. Nature. Adventure.

Instead of cooking in a professional kitchen, TV and star chef Andi Schweiger cooks by and with the fire. Equipped with Petromax products for outdoor cooking such as a tripod, Dutch Oven or rocket stove, he serves up culinary highlights every month. With his outdoor gourmet recipes, you can take fire cooking to a new level at any time of year. Let Andi's adventurous spirit infect you.

Hot beef pot

1 kg beef shoulder 250 g potatoes

500 g cherry tomatoes 600 g peppers

50 g chilli 200 g beluga lentils

500 g onions 1/2 bunch parsley

100 ml whiskey 4 cloves garlic

500 ml tomatoes strained 1.0 l red wine

2.0 l beef stock/water 100 g crème fraiche

200 g skyr 40 ml frying oil

Tips and tricks for the hot beef pot

Andi's tips for perfect Dutch Oven enjoyment

Tip 1: High quality food

The quality of the food is the be-all and end-all for a good dish. Start with fresh, high-quality ingredients to lay the foundation for a first-class taste experience.

Tip 2: Adjust the cooking time - the size of the pieces of meat counts

Cooking time is not a fixed concept. Adjust it to the size of the meat cubes to ensure that each piece is tender and perfectly cooked. The larger the pieces, the longer the meat will take.

Tip 3: Add plenty of salt right from the start

Add a generous amount of salt right from the start to intensify the flavors and give the dish a perfect seasoning. The salt also ensures that the meat stays nice and juicy.

Tip 4: Keep calm - the meat needs time

At the start of the cooking process, the meat should lie flat on the base of the Dutch oven without moving. Only when it has reached the desired color is it gently moved for maximum flavor development.

Tip 5: Red wine for an exquisite touch

The addition of red wine is important for the taste of your dish. This is because alcohol gives the dish a wonderful acidity and rounds off the taste perfectly.

Andi Schweiger and Petromax

High-quality products, creative recipes and a love of outdoor cooking. Discover unforgettable moments that go beyond the plate.

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