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With tips from TV and Michelin-starred chef Andi Schweiger, you can create taste sensations in the outdoor kitchen.

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Instead of cooking in a professional kitchen, TV and star chef Andi Schweiger cooks by and with the fire. Equipped with Petromax products for outdoor cooking such as a tripod, Dutch oven or rocket stove, he serves up culinary highlights every month. With his outdoor gourmet recipes, you can take fire cooking to a new level at any time of year. Let Andi's adventurous spirit infect you.

Crispy guinea fowl on spring cottage cheese crusty bread & forest pesto

1 guinea fowl
Garlic powder
Onion powder
200 g cottage cheese
1 boiled egg
Pepper from the mortar
2 young leeks (spring onions)
4 small red onions onions
25 g roasted cashew nuts
75 g wild garlic (herbs from the forest / alternatively garden)
10 g hard cheese
100 ml virgin oil
4slices of crusty bread

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