Efficient heat sources for your outdoor adventure

Compact and easy to transport

Large selection and versatile use to suit your needs


  • Warmth for unforgettable outdoor experiences

    Your life takes place outside and where others are happy to sit by the stove at home, you would rather have one to accompany you? With the Petromax outdoor stoves, you have your desired temperature with you. Whether you need a strong light lamp as a heat source, a powerful outdoor cooking place or a self-sufficient heater for your shelter, the right Petromax stove is waiting for you here.

  • Outdoor stoves and heat sources - robust and efficient

    Our outdoor stoves and heat sources are specially designed for use in the great outdoors. They not only provide a reliable source of heat, but also a versatile cooking option. Whether camping, on trekking tours or in your own garden - our fire stoves are the perfect choice for anyone who doesn't want to do without comfort outdoors.

  • Accessories - More functions for your oven

    Expand the application possibilities of your Petromax heat sources with our high-quality accessories. From cooking attachments and spark arresters to protective covers - our accessories ensure that you can use your outdoor stove optimally. This makes every adventure even more comfortable and safe.