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Cool boxes

Stay cool, even without electricity! Up to 12 days of freshness with the passive cool boxes.

Discover long-lasting freshness for up to 12 days with our passive cool boxes

The passive cool boxes from Petromax are your key to independent cooling in the wilderness. Whether you use standard ice cubes, ice packs or dry ice - your food and drinks stay pleasantly cool for up to 12 days. Natural cooling performance, far away from electricity or generators. Dive into our range and put together your individual cool box now!

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Maximum freshness for your adventure

  • Long-lasting cooling without electricity

    Our cool boxes offer passive cooling that works entirely without electricity. With the right application, you can keep ice at the optimum temperature for up to 12 days.

Frequently asked questions about Petromax cool boxes

What distinguishes the passive coolers from Petromax?

The passive coolers from Petromax are characterized by a number of different features. Here are the most important ones at a glance:

Robust construction:
The quality of Petromax cool boxes is not only reflected in their solid construction and impressive cooling performance, but is also underlined by positive product tests. The robust construction ensures that your cool box remains stable and resistant even under the most demanding conditions.

Sophisticated functionality:
Every detail of the cool boxes has been optimally thought through. Lashing points ensure safe transportation, while rubber feet not only guarantee stability but also allow effective air circulation. The ergonomically shaped carrying handles not only make transportation easier, but also serve as clever belt guides. The sturdy construction even makes it possible to use the cool box as a comfortable stand or seat.

Long-lasting freshness:
The Petromax passive cool boxes combine advanced technology with well thought-out design. The double-walled body made of resistant polyethylene protects your supplies from external influences. The insulating layer, consisting of pressure-induced PU foam, ensures a constant temperature and keeps your food fresh for up to 12 days.

Sustainability and performance in harmony:
The cool boxes not only impress with their impressive performance, but also with their environmentally conscious design. The combination of double-walled cavity insulation and high-performance insulating foam ensures outstanding insulation performance.

How do the passive coolers work without electricity?

The Petromax passive coolers offer an electricity-free cooling alternative that is environmentally friendly and effective.

By usingIce, ice packs or dry ice reliable preservation of food and drinks is achieved without having to rely on electricity, operating noise or fault-prone electrics. The double-walled body and the pressure-induced PU foam ensure efficient insulation for long-lastingFreshness of up to 12 days.

How long do the cool boxes cool for?

The Petromax cool boxes offer an impressive cooling capacity, which makes it possible to Keep ice at optimal temperatures for up to 12 days!

The particularly long cooling time results from a well thought-out design and high-quality materials. The double-walled construction of the Petromax cool boxes is made of resistant polyethylene, which provides excellent insulation. The decisive factor for the long cooling effect is the insulating property of the pressure-induced PU foam, which penetrates into even the smallest cavity of the double-walled body.

The insulating layer of this special PU foam has a low thermal conductivity and forms a powerful barrier against external heat. This design ensures that the internal temperature of the cool box remains constant and thus enables long-lasting freshness of the stored food and drinks. The Petromax cool boxes are designed to provide reliable cooling performance even under demanding conditions, be it high outside temperatures or changing environmental conditions.

Which cooler is right for me?

The selection of the ideal cooler for you depends on your individual needs. If you value self-sufficient and energy-independent cooling, the Petromax passive cooling system is ideal. The Petromax cool boxes have already proven their stability and cooling duration in various product tests.

When choosing the right cool box, the size is crucial and should be selected according to your needs. We offer our cool boxes in the sizes 25l, 50l and 75l. We will be happy to advise you personally on which size is right for your needs. Then don't forget to personalize your cooler according to your wishes by choosing the right accessories. Our accessories are available individually for all three sizes.

What accessories are available for the coolers?

We offer a wide range of customized accessories for our coolers to adapt them to your individual needs. Here are some of our accessories:

Adhesive pad:
The self-adhesive pad protects your cool box from scratches and knocks, provides more grip and is a perfect fit for the ultra-passive cooling system. The dense material forms a robust protective layer against moisture, UV radiation and the effects of temperature.

Seat cushion:
With the seat cushion, you can also turn your ultra-passive cooling system into a resting place to take with you. The cushion core made of permanently elastic foam forms the crucial basis. It ensures ideal pressure distribution under load and therefore a comfortable sitting experience.

Cutting and dividing board:
The Petromax cutting and dividing board not only functions as a cutting board, but also as a divider in the cool box, allowing food and drinks to be stored separately. The board has a drainage channel that collects leaking liquids and can be easily moved back and forth between the cool box and the work surface

Basket inserts:
The basket insert offers a gentle and cool storage option for sensitive food such as fresh vegetables and fruit. Perfectly matched to the inner edge of the cool box, it creates an additional temperature layer that ensures dry storage.