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Start your adventure

Made for the wilderness, tried and tested everywhere.

No matter what you have in mind, Petromax is your companion

  • Cook like a cowboy

    Cook hearty dishes like our ancestors around the campfire. With our unique Dutch Oven, you can conjure up perfect stews, crispy bread and fluffy cakes - outdoor feeling guaranteed!

  • Coolness without electricity

    Enjoy fresh food and drinks on the go, without electricity. Our innovative cool boxes keep everything cold for a long time thanks to high-tech insulation and are perfect for festivals, fishing, camping and hot summer days.

  • Grill where you want

    Enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of an open fire with the Petromax fire pits. Different models offer the perfect fireplace for every occasion - from the cozy campfire to the XL fireplace for social evenings.

  • Turn night into day

    With a light output of up to 400 watts, Petromax high pressure lamps are much more than just a light source. They provide cozy warmth and serve as a practical cooking place on the go. Experience independence and adventure at the highest level!

  • Take everything with you

    Discover the ultimate storage and transport solution in the practical Eurobox format! With individually adjustable dividers, the Catago Box offers space for all your camping equipment - from the Atago barbecue to cookware.

Cell phone off, nature on

Get that campfire feeling. Fresh air, clear stars, a warming fire. Nature is your feel-good place. Turn every day into an adventure. Because the best things happen outside.

We have been producing the highest quality, functionality and durability in great designs since 1910. We understand the needs of adventurers and kitchen professionals and work together to develop products that constantly set new standards in terms of robustness, performance and versatility. Our products are loyal companions and will also provide you with valuable services in your kitchen at home.

Explore our range, find the perfect equipment for your needs and be ready to experience nature in all its glory. Take a look at the iconic Petromax HK500 kerosene lantern, cast iron Dutch ovens and pans for a first-class outdoor experience.