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Petromax Atago Grill mit Tomahawk auf einer Wiese

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Since 1910, we have been producing the highest quality, functionality and durability in great designs. We understand the needs of adventurers and kitchen professionals and together we develop products that set new standards in terms of robustness, performance and versatility. Our products are faithful companions and will serve you just as well in the home kitchen.

Explore our range, find the perfect equipment for your needs and be ready to experience nature in all its glory. Take a look at the iconic and legendary Petromax HK500 kerosene lantern, cast iron Dutch ovens and pans for a first-class outdoor experience.

Stay cool for 12 days.
Without electricity.


Petromax is the German brand for self-determined adventures in nature.
Since 1910 we have been bringing articles for outdoor living and cooking, bushcraft and light with quality and passion to the whole world. More than 100 years after "Petroleum Maxe", as Max Graetz was called by his friends, created the brand, Petromax is now not only about light, but also about Dutch Oven, kettles & pots and pans & cookware at the campfire, independent cooling and the right clothing for adventure. At the core, we follow a strict line: our products are only good if they are resistant, durable and can be combined. And because all people at Petromax burn for what they do, you will always find exciting new products around fire, cooking and grilling under the open sky in our online store.