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PETROMAX” lanterns were designed and developed by Adolf & Max Graetz, who were appointed managing directors of their family business (Ehrich & Graetz) in 1889.

From their efforts arose the most powerful & reliable lanterns in the world at the time ( Petromax lanterns run on kerosene only) 

BriteLyt XL lanterns run on a variety of fuels.. Kerosene, alcohol-based fuels, mineral spirits, citronella oil, gasoline, Biodiesel, diesel fuel, & almost every flammable fuel available on the market, and NEW All Alcohol lanterns coming soon.

These three items gave the German army the benefit of heat, light and a way to prepare food with the use of some types of fuels like kerosene, diesel fuel.

All of the lanterns, stoves and heaters used today, by the general public worldwide, are known to be reliable and easy to repair. With the same use of kerosene as the fuel of choice, this lantern has a problem free life of decades if a little tender loving care is bestowed upon it.

The new BriteLyt XL family of lanterns also breaks the old rule that high powered lanterns can only burn Kerosene. We spent much time perfecting our new lanterns to burn virtually any combustible liquid fuel you may have available. BriteLyt XL lanterns used by the US Military today (Army Tested).

Only BriteLyt XL: Starting with our state-of-the-art CAD engineering approach we set out to design a lantern that fixed the current lantern issues within the marketplace. Thicker brass, heavier assembly and no need for soldered joints are just a few of the improvements we’ve made. HEY!!! IT’S DARK OUT THERE!

NEED MORE HISTORY/FACTS? AIDA, PETROMAX,GENIOL & HIPOLITO LANTERNS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME…….#829’s run at 500cp, or 400-watts. and flaws see Open this page to see Petromax Problems

Only the BriteLyt XL is the difference in all the lanterns made. 

See my testimonial Good one here

BriteLyt Premier Package Nickel Plated Brass Lantern (06-05-17)

I have been able to use it several times and I must say this is a really incredible piece of equipment.

There just isn’t any other unit on the market that comes close to this as far as the versatility and functionality. This is also the nicest metal work and finish I think I have ever seen in my life.

Clearly a ton of engineering went into ensuring this would be a highly reliable and versatile tool.

My hats off to you and your company for such a tremendous product and customer service experience.


Love the BriteLyt lantern

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