High pressure lamps

The classic outdoor lamp with over 400 watts since 1910

Unique high-intensity lighting technology in German manufacturing quality

Robust and weather-resistant light

High pressure lamps

  • Petromax HK500: Timeless brilliance

    Discover the timeless glow of the Petromax HK500, an icon of lighting technology. With over 400 watts of light output, it defies all weathers and provides reliable light not only for nostalgics and adventurers, but also for aid organizations and armed forces. Its unique high-intensity lighting technology, manufactured in German quality, combined with a wide range of accessories, makes it the perfect choice for versatile applications in a wide variety of environments.

  • More than just light - the versatile solution for lighting, cooking and heating

    The optional accessories extend the range of uses of the Petromax HK500: Use the cooking attachment to prepare meals and integrate the separately available radiator and baffle plate to turn your lamp into a mobile heater. This makes the HK500 a multifunctional companion for every adventure.

  • The classic recharged: The electric version of the Petromax HK500

    The electric Petromax HK500 table lamp and ceiling light offers familiar charm paired with modern technology, while its high-quality brass and heat-resistant borosilicate glass retain the nostalgic aesthetic. Equipped with a discreet toggle switch, it blends perfectly into any interior design and creates a cozy atmosphere thanks to its frosted Suprax glass.