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The classic outdoor lamp with 400 watts since 1910

Discover the iconic kerosene lamp and turn night into day with 400 watts

The Petromax high-intensity lamps with an impressive 400 watts have been reliable companions for adventurers worldwide for over 100 years. The simple and technically perfected principle brings independent light into the night. The HK500, as the historical origin of the Petromax outdoor adventure, stands for efficiency and reliability. Discover now which version of the HK500 is the right one for you.

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Frequently asked questions about Petromax kerosene lamps

How does the Petromax strong light lamp work?

There are different ways of operating petroleum lamps, mostly in conjunction with a wick. Instead of a wick, the Petromax strong light lamp has a Glow mantle made of artificial silk. The petroleum is fed under pressure into a carburetor and mixed with oxygen. The mixed fuel is ignited, reacts in the mantle impregnated with luminous salts and burns as an extremely bright light. You can find out more about the function of the Petromax high-pressure lamp and how to start a Petromax HK500 in the operating instructions.

How is the Petromax strong light lamp manufactured?

The HK500 stands for German engineering and a piece of technical history. The design of the Petromax classic, which consists of over 200 individual parts, is still manufactured unchanged today.

The pressure lamps are manufactured by hand in our Magdeburg workshop. Our employees rely on years of experience. Tips and suggestions for handling and maintaining the powerful HK500 are available at any time in the Petromax Welt in Magdeburg. For indoor use, the HK500 is also available in an electronic version, which is also manufactured in the workshop.

How is a kerosene lamp used?

The use of a kerosene lamp is designed for outdoor use. The kerosene provides the lamp with the power it needs to shine at full brightness. The tank of the HK500 is filled with kerosene. The pressure is increased to 1.5 to 2 bar using the integrated hand pump on the tank. The fuel then flows out at the rapid toggle lever and is ignited. The lamp is then brought to its operating pressure of 2.5 bar to provide hours of light in the dark. You will find detailed instructions on the lighting process in the manual.

The electronic version of the classic is ideal for all those who also want to use their high-intensity lamp indoors or do not want to use lamp oil. With the same powerful light, but without heat generation, you can also use the HK500 indoors.

What do I need to bear in mind when using a kerosene lamp?

Petromax kerosene lamps are generally safe to use if they are used with caution and care. The following safety instructions should be observed:

  • Use only clean, odorless petroleum.
  • Place the lamp on a stable surface.
  • Keep the lamp away from children and pets.
  • Do not use the lamp near flammable materials.
  • Never leave the lamp burning unattended.

Further safety instructions and detailed information on use can be found in the instructions for use.