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Natural barbecue enjoyment with the Petromax barbecues

Discover our range of diverse barbecue options

Real barbecuers know how important it is to have the right equipment. The variety of Petromax barbecues offers exactly that: a combination of high-quality materials, innovative designs and a deep passion for barbecuing. Whether bushcrafter, prepper or forest gourmet - everyone will find the right model here to live out their barbecue passion.

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The 3-in-1 barbecue for real adventurers

The Petromax Atago is the ideal all-rounder for your outdoor kitchen. Its unique folding mechanism makes it quickly ready for use with just one hand movement, while its compact height of 15 cm when folded makes it the perfect companion for on the go.

Thanks to the efficient "chimney effect", the Atago heats up exceptionally quickly with the air supply open to maximum, perfect for spontaneous barbecues and outdoor cooking sessions. The unique two-cylinder design not only guarantees efficient heat storage on the inside, but also keeps the outer cylinder pleasantly cool.

Versatile application options with the Atago

    Frequently asked questions about Petromax barbecues

    What is special about the Atago?

    The Petromax Atago offers an impressive range of functions that make it an extremely versatile outdoor tool. As a barbecue, the Atago can be operated with charcoal or briquettes, and a suitable grill grate is included in the scope of delivery. It also functions as an oven or stove by placing a cast-iron Dutch oven, such as the Petromax ft3, ft6 or ft9, on the glowing briquettes in the Atago. This configuration enables optimum heat yield and opens up the possibility of preparing a variety of dishes outdoors. The Atago can also be used as a fire bowl to create a cozy campfire after cooking. Its round shape makes it easy to stack firewood and brushwood, which makes it particularly easy to use as a fire bowl.

    How quickly is the Petromax Atago ready for use and stowed away again?

    The Petromax Atago is characterized by a unique folding mechanism that makes it an extremely practical companion. The Atago can be made ready for use effortlessly with just one hand movement. This speed of handling makes it particularly attractive for spontaneous outdoor activities where quick preparation is crucial. After use, the Atago can be folded up again just as quickly. The compact size of just 15 cm when folded allows for space-saving storage, which is particularly advantageous when storage space is limited.