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Together with the renowned barbecue world champion from 2017-2022,, we proudly present a collection of barbecue & BBQ recipes suitable for everyday use as well as many other creations in the Dutch Oven & Co. It's not about complicated kitchen tricks, but about the pure essence: popular classics that are very easy to cook. Whether you are an experienced barbecue professional or a beginner in the world of outdoor cooking - BBQPit's classics are not only easy to cook, but the quality and functionality of our cast iron make them true culinary masterpieces.

The masters of outdoor cooking

BBQPit is more than just Germany's leading barbecue and BBQ magazine - it is a tribute to the art of outdoor cooking. Born out of a shared love of nature and an enthusiasm for culinary experimentation, the team today consists of the founder, Thorsten Brandenburg, as well as Frank Thurau and Kristian van Bergerem.

Thorsten, Frank and Kristian have made it their mission to celebrate the joy of barbecuing in the open air. In their magazine, they not only share recipes, but also their personal experiences as well as tips and tricks for a perfect outdoor experience. Together with Petromax, they create unique dishes in the Dutch Oven and many other Petromax products, bringing another dimension of outdoor cooking to the table.

"Cooking outdoors is more than just a hobby for us. It's our passion that connects us with nature and people."

Thorsten Brandenburg, Frank Thurau & Kristian van Bergerem

"The big Dutch Oven book" - tips and tricks from a professional

With over 100 first-class recipes for meat, fish, vegetables and more, we'll turn you into an outdoor cooking pro! The BBQPit bloggers reveal their best tricks for using the Dutch Oven to its full potential. From hearty braised dishes to crispy baked goods - this book is packed with inspiration for all lovers of the iconic fire pot!

Get your copy now and be inspired by the world of outdoor cooking!

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Discover all BBQPit recipes and experience a wide range of outdoor dishes. Whether you're an inexperienced barbecue novice or a seasoned BBQ lover, BBQPit's diverse creations have something for everyone. Be inspired by the world of outdoor cooking and embark on new culinary adventures with BBQPit.