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Petromax dealer image database

All pictures and documents about Petromax products for easy download.

Petromax GmbH is exclusively entitled to the rights to all images and other materials made available here for download. Downloading and use require our express consent. Any use without our consent constitutes an infringement of rights. We grant permission to use images exclusively under the following conditions:

  1. Our images and materials may be used solely for the purpose of advertising and marketing our products. Any use to promote the sales of third-party products is prohibited.
  2. The images and materials may only be edited with our express permission. The use of cut-outs is permitted, provided that our products can still be identifiably recognized on them. Reflections, color changes and insertions are not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. The images and materials are to be used in the resolution created by us. Deviations from this require our express consent.
  4. The permission to use our images and materials can be revoked by us at any time and without giving reasons. The authorization to use images ends automatically with the end of the distribution partner contract existing between us.