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Reflector stove

Reflector stove

  • Kochen und Braten ohne Wartezeit im faltbaren Ofen für unterwegs
  • Kochstelle neben dem Feuer: Kochen mit indirekter Hitze
  • während gleichzeitig im Feuer oder über dem Feuer ein weiteres Gericht brutzelt
  • Reflexion: die Wärme des Feuers wird reflektiert und erwärmt Feuertopfdeckel bis Größe ft4.5
  • Gerichte im ft0.5, ft1, ft3 & Feuertopf-Deckel ft0.5 - ft4.5
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Cook and roast without waiting in the foldable oven for on the go

Product features

  • Cooking area next to the fire: cooking with indirect heat while another dish sizzles in the fire or over the fire at the same time
  • Reflection: the heat from the fire is reflected and heats fire pots (ft0.5, ft1, ft3) and fire pot lids from ft0.5 - ft4.5, dishes in the ft4.5 lid, wrought iron pans or other cookware
  • Oven for the campfire: top and side heat in the reflector oven, bottom heat thanks to grate
  • Quick to set up, easy to stow away thanks to small pack size
  • Can be ideally combined with the fire trestle or the Atago

Cooking next to the fire with Dutch ovens and co.

Thanks to indirect heat and intelligent heat reflection, you can prepare bread, cookies, rolls, fish, meat and poultry in the foldable reflector oven. At the same time, you can cook other dishes over and in the fire, e.g. in a Dutch oven.

The foldable oven with tradition in a modern design for optimum roasting results

As early as the 18th century, reflector ovens were an integral part of American households and were used there every day. People were impressed by their features: By placing the oven some distance from the hearth, it harnesses the heat from the crackling fire, reflects it and stores it inside. Unlike the Dutch oven, the cook was not forced to wait for the fire to burn down, but could start baking and cooking as soon as the fire was lit.

Just like in a conventional oven, the food is cooked through from all sides, with the difference that you can see at any time how far the dish is baked or cooked through. Whether in the Dutch oven lid or in the pan: depending on the heat, you can turn the cookware so that more or less heat reaches the dish. When you prepare campfire dishes in today's version of the Petromax reflector stove, special materials are used: heat- and fire-resistant fibers with a reflective coating.

Much lighter than its predecessors, the Petromax reflector stove impresses with its quick assembly. Rods provide dimensional stability, so that Petromax Dutch Oven lids from size ft0.5 - ft 4.5, used as a pan, can be safely placed in it, as well as wrought iron pans or other cookware. A rack placed on the bottom of the stove ensures that the Dutch Oven receives additional heat from below.

Along the American rivers, this made it easy to catch a fish, which could be roasted in its own juices and gently browned by the fire. By adding olive oil and constantly renewing the juices, anglers can still prepare fish dishes today without drying them out.

Prepare dishes in and over the fire in the Dutch oven and bake cookies in the reflector oven at the same time

Then as now, you can bake cookies, rolls and cakes, rabbit and poultry as well as gratinated dishes in the versatile oven. If you simply place the reflector oven next to the crackling fire, you can prepare food over and in the fire, while cookies are in the reflector oven and bake until crispy brown. The coziness of the fire is combined with the practicality of times gone by, which is given a modern twist with the new Petromax reflector stove. It is the lightweight, quick to set up and versatile oven in the Petromax fire trestle or jacked up at the same height as the Atago.

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