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Petromax  |  SKU: CAMP-OVEN

Camping oven

  • vollwertiger Backofen für den Camper
  • Gastisch oder über der Glut
  • dreiteilige Form sorgt für optimale Ober- und Unterhitze sowie seitliche Wärmezufuhr
  • Gerichte frisch aus dem Ofen überbackene Aufläufe
  • knusprige Brötchen und saftige Kuchen

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This makes your Petromax camping oven a high-quality stainless steel oven for all outdoor activities:

  • full-fledged oven for the camper, guest table or over the embers
  • three-part shape provides optimal top and bottom heat as well as side heat input thanks to the double-walled design
  • Dishes fresh from the oven: casseroles au gratin, crispy rolls and juicy cakes
  • suitablefor all types of st oves: Gas stove, electric stove, camper stove top and over the campfire
  • kite-strength serving in an unusual, round shape

The special feature of the camping oven is the triple air circulation: top, bottom and side heat. Thanks to the double wall of the ring shape, the heat rises up the sides and heats the dishes in the ring shape or on the baking tray for the camping oven. Ventilation openings and the outer coating allow you to achieve optimal baking results with a lot of independence!

Baking without an oven - oven-fresh dishes on every adventure
The Petromax camping oven provides you with fresh vegetable casseroles, breakfast rolls or bacon cakes everywhere thanks to an all-round heat. Heat from the guest table, camp stove or embers rises from the base mold to the ring mold where it cooks casseroles or oven vegetables. Under the attached lid, the heat can distribute optimally. Ventilation openings and the outer coating allow you to achieve optimal baking results with a lot of independence!

The oven for camping with even heat distribution
The Petromax camping oven is suitable for your stove, camping stove and direct use over the embers in combination with the pan tilter. Excellent heat from the heat source is transferred to the individual components of the camping oven: Through the bottom, the heat reaches the casserole, chili con carne or grain rolls through the recess in the middle. The lid ensures a secure seal and the emergence of top and bottom heat.

A round thing: The well thought-out mini oven for outdoors
Thanks to the stainless steel knob, you can safely check whether your outdoor dish is ready to be served. With the two handles, you serve your oven dish in an unusual, round shape that will make your guests' eyes pop. The space-saving mini oven for camping allows versatile oven dishes wherever no oven is available. On the road with the camper or van, you can create dishes that will delight.

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