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Cast iron grate insert

Cast iron grate insert

  • Extends the Petromax range
  • Great open-air cooking experience
  • Keeps the food in the pot
  • Can be used for direct grilling or smoking
  • Safely stackable with the small stacking grid gr-s
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The insert made of solid cast iron creates a first-class heat distribution - just right for baking in the fire pot. Because the insert stands on three knobs, you can steam, cook and bake with the cast iron grate insert in the fire pots ft4.5, ft6, ft9 and ft12 without burning. You can use it immediately due to the so-called seasoned finish and do not have to burn it in.

In the fire and as a trivet
When grilling directly in the embers, it sizzles the perfect grill pattern into the meat. Or you can place the cast iron grate in the fire and use it as a base for percolators, tea kettles, etc. It can also serve as a practical coaster on the table.

Operation & care

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