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Cast iron potato roaster

Cast iron potato roaster

  • sustainable alternative for classic campfire potatoes - completely without aluminum foil
  • firm closure and safe lifting from the embers thanks to the newly developed tilt-lock mechanism
  • even cooking process thanks to optimum heat distribution thanks to the round design
  • controlled top heat for grilling thanks to the special shelf for coals
  • secure stand in the fire, in the embers, on the grill or in the oven
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Potatoes baked in the embers, whether as a main course or as a side dish with juicy steaks, are the perfect accompaniment to an adventure menu. With the cast-iron potato roaster, you can prepare potatoes and vegetables with the characteristic roasted taste.

A mereformality: The Petromax potato roaster made of cast iron for gentle cooking
Cast iron is ideal for preparing food on an open fire or on the grill, as it distributes the heat optimally. The round design of the potato roaster also enhances the effect. Perfectly baked potatoes, au gratin sweet potato wedges or hearty vegetable variations such as stuffed peppers or eggplants take on the typical roasted aroma when cooked in the embers.

Safe at the fire with a strong lifting effect - the tilt lock of the Petromax potato roaster
The cast-iron potato roaster stands out with a clever mechanism: The specially designed tilt lock closes both halves of the pan firmly together as soon as you lift it with a lid lifter. This means you can safely remove your hot iron from the fire or move it. If you hook your lid lifter onto the lower end of the tilting latch, you can easily open the roasting tin lid and serve the steaming potatoes.

Good edges, good everything
The edge on the lid gives you full temperature control. This is because you can place wood embers or briquettes here and adjust the top heat precisely when cooking. The cast iron potato roaster always stands firmly on the base, as the bar running along the bottom creates a level surface. As a result, the roaster stands securely on the hearth and can also be used in the oven at home without any problems. The extended bar also runs underneath the hinges, ensuring that it cannot tip over.

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