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Fire grill tg3

Fire grill tg3

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3 in 1: Grill, Kochstelle und Ofen (Feuertöpfe mit Briketts)

Gusseisen-Grillrost für gleichmäßige Wärmeverteilung

Höhenverstellbarer Grillrost zur Hitzeregulierung


If you like cast iron, you will love the Petromax fire grill tg3. Thanks to the height-adjustable grill grate, the generous air supply control and the carrying handle, it not only convinces as a grill, but also lets you turn it into a perfect cooking place for Petromax fire pots (up to size ft12).

2 in 1: grill and cooking place for fire pots

Because things always get hot when grilling, the natural non-stick effect of the cast iron grill grate is a decisive advantage. With charcoal and barbecue briquettes, your fire grill is heated quickly and for a long time.
You can combine the fire grill with a fire pot (Dutch oven), so that the excellent heat storage makes cooking particularly energy-saving.

Cast iron, the durable material

Thanks to the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish), you can use the tg3 immediately, an initial baking is not necessary. Sausage, meat and vegetables do not stick and with each subsequent use the non-stick effect is strengthened.

Practical settings

The height-adjustable grill grate can be used on two levels and also thereby creates the prerequisite for setting the distance between the food to be grilled and the briquettes or charcoal as desired. The removable tilting door, which can be inserted at various angles, allows you to easily add briquettes and charcoal even during grilling without having to remove the grill grate. You can also move the generous air supply control individually to speed up the heating process or to control the heat as desired.

Operation & care

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