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Pan cross

Pan cross

  • Stable support: Perfect hold for all Dutch Oven & Pan models.
  • Versatile combination: Free choice of Petromax cast iron shapes.
  • Heat-resistant: Stainless steel withstands intense ember heat
  • Cross design: Additional space for models with feet and handles.
  • More than cooking: Can be used as a crockery rack and over an open fire.
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Strong cooking attachment for the mobile outdoor kitchen

With the cooking cross, you can bring fire pots, pans and co. to a boil on your Atago. Simply inserted into the opening of your functional outdoor cooking area, the compact accessory forms a stable support surface for cast and wrought iron. This way you can combine all fire pot and pan models as well as Petromax special shapes made of cast iron freely according to your taste. Satisfy your ravenous appetite: The stainless steel cooking top reliably supports your iron and withstands the blazing heat. The special cross-shaped design with a central recess provides you with a wider support surface and enough space for fire pot models with feet. In addition, space is left for the handle and feet so that your fire pot lid can be used as a pan without any problems. Make your cooking even more individual.

Small equipment versatile

The cooking cross is your flexible stainless steel rack that you can also use as a heat-resistant dish rack. In addition, it is ideally suited for cooking and frying directly over the embers or the open fire.

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