Radiator & baffle plate HK350/HK500 chrome

Radiator & baffle plate HK350/HK500 chrome

  • Conversion of the Petromax HK350/500 into a heater
  • Can be used with and without bulb stocking
  • Optimum heat output without lamp glass and bulb stocking
  • Suitable for lamps built from 2000 onwards
  • High-quality materials: stainless steel and brass
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With this set of radiator and baffle plate, the Petromax HK350/500 can be converted into a heater. For this purpose, the radiator made of stainless steel is mounted on the baffle plate. The radiator can be used with or without a mantle. The optimum heating performance is achieved when the lamp glass and the mantle are removed for operation with the radiator.

The baffle plate included in the set in the color "chrome" is manufactured for lamps from year of manufacture 2000. These lamps can be recognized by the screwed support rods of the support frame. For lamps before year of manufacture 2000, the support rods are riveted to the frame.

Operation & care

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