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Silicone coaster HK500

Silicone coaster HK500

  • Non-slip silicone coaster for the petroleum lamp HK500
  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to 230°C
  • Reversible design in blue and the Petromax dragon logo in black
  • Perfectly fitting tray for many other Petromax products
  • Eyelet for hanging
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This makes the Petromax silicone coaster for Petromax HK500 a non-slip and heat-resistant base for the kerosene lamp:

  • non-slip silicone trivet for the petroleum lamp HK500
  • temperature resistant from -40°C to 230°C
  • Reversible design for collectors and fans with the iconic kerosene lamp in blue and the Petromax dragon logo in black
  • perfect fitting tray for many other Petromax products
  • Eyelet for hanging

The temperature-resistant coaster for summer and winter camps

The Petromax silicone coaster for the Petromax HK500 is the light and non-slip base for the petroleum lamp that has been reliable for over 100 years. At any time of the year you can set up your classic outdoor lighting on the -40°C to 230°C temperature-resistant coaster. It reliably protects any surface during operation and filling of the high-intensity lamp.

Silicone coaster for collectors and HK500 enthusiasts

The coaster for the 1910 patented Petromax strong light lamp inspires not only collectors, but also fans of the dragon brand. The iconic shape of the HK500 is embossed on the blue front, which matches the color of the handwheel and the pump plunger knob: The hood, frame, mantle, handwheel and tank stand out in particular. Beams are used to suggest the traditional lantern's impressive light output of over 400 watts. The inner rim is adapted to the dimensions of the HK500 tank and the circumferential bar safely catches excess Petromax alkan. When you operate the hand pump on your HK500, it stays securely on the coaster without slipping, so your camp is briskly lit.

The Petromax logo and the strong light lamp

The back features the iconic Petromax logo, which has been used in different variations since the company was founded: two dragons facing each other, breathing fire. They indicate the strong brand and take a ten-pointed sun in their center. This represents real strength, independent adventure and penetrating the darkness. The letter "G" indicates the long tradition of over 100 years, through the initial letter of the original founder, Max Graetz. Petromax brings the traditional German brand into today with the coaster, offering a practical yet standout product that is a useful addition to the Strong Light Lamp.

The versatile coaster

During cooking, the silicone trivet serves you to rest the fire pots in sizes ft0.5 to ft3. You can also place the two smallest lids on the silicone coaster to take a look inside the fire pot. Hot percolators, teapots, enamel milk and saucepans, and the two smallest fire pans can also be placed on the trivet. After use, hang the coaster from the eyelet. To clean the silicone coaster, you can simply put it horizontally in the dishwasher or wash it with a mild detergent.

The Petromax silicone coaster for the HK500 is the non-slip and safe base in retro style and the ideal complement for the kerosene lamp.

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