Clean & care for cast iron: tips and tricks from an outdoor professional

Cast iron pans and pots are not just cookware, but faithful companions for adventurers who let nothing stand in their way. However, to ensure that these treasures last a long time and retain their incomparable patina, they need proper care and cleaning. Here are some tips on how to care for your cast iron so that it lasts a lifetime:

1. read the care instructions for your cast iron product

In our care instructions for cast iron products, you will find all the product-specific tips on how to care for cast iron, how to clean it and how to ensure that your Dutch oven, cast iron pan or cast iron dish lasts a lifetime.

2. the dishwasher: a taboo for your Dutch oven

Cast iron is robust, but the dishwasher is definitely too much of a good thing. The cleaning process in the machine is too aggressive and could damage the patina of your cast iron. In addition, unsightly rust spots will quickly appear. Therefore, avoid the dishwasher and use a gentler cleaning method instead.

3. Tough cleaning, but without chemicals

Cleaning your cast iron is an adventure in itself. Clear water and a robust dishwashing brush are the tools of choice. For more stubborn food residues, the Petromax scraper for fire pots and pans or the ring cleaner are indispensable helpers that do not require any aggressive cleaning agents.

4. dryness as a survival strategy

Cast iron and permanent moisture lead to rust spots. Your cast iron loves dryness. So after cleaning, dry your cast iron thoroughly and place it briefly on the heat source to banish micro-droplets. This is the survival strategy for the long life of your cast iron. Regular care with the care paste for cast and wrought iron also helps to keep your cast iron rust-free.

5 Grease and oil as important allies

The surface of your cast iron is slightly greasy and shimmers in the light.That'sjust right, because that's the protective shield - the patina. If you notice that your cast iron looks dry, it's time to re-grease it. Use heat-resistant oil or our care paste for cast and wrought iron, which you can also use for baking.

6. no grease-dissolving washing-up liquid

Cast iron is like a good wine - it gets better with time. The patina, a burnt-in layer of grease, develops and gives your cookware its unique properties. Therefore, avoid using washing-up liquid, which dissolves grease and could destroy the patina. Should this happen anyway, you can simply bake your cast iron again. The best way to do this is to use our care paste for cast and wrought iron.

Caring for and cleaning cast iron is not a chore for outdoor adventurers, but a passion. With these simple tips and tricks, your cast iron will last a lifetime and conjure up incomparable taste sensations on your plate. So, get your pots and pans ready - it's worth it!