Gas barbecue or charcoal barbecue: which is better?

Choosing between a gas and charcoal barbecue can be a real challenge. Both have their advantages, but which one is better for your adventures? Here are the advantages of both options so you can make an informed decision.

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Gas barbecue and charcoal barbecue: the differences
Can you taste the difference?
Advantages and disadvantages of gas barbecue vs. charcoal barbecue
Our recommendation: gas barbecue or charcoal barbecue?

Gas barbecue and charcoal barbecue: these are the differences

Gas barbecues are the ultimate choice for all modern barbecue masters who can't go fast enough. Grilling at the touch of a button!

  • Fast heat: with a gas barbecue, you're ready to go in minutes. No waiting for the right embers - just turn the knob and start grilling: Forget the hassle of adding charcoal. With a gas cylinder, you can grill for hours without interruption.
  • Temperature control: Precise temperature control allows you to adjust the heat for each dish. Perfect for grill masters who value precision.
  • Easy to clean: No more ash and soot! Gas barbecues are easy to clean and require less maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Gas barbecues produce less CO2 and are therefore more environmentally friendly than charcoal barbecues.
  • Family-friendly: Safe for the whole family, with no open flames and less smoke.

If you like traditional barbecuing and the classic smoky taste, a charcoal barbecue could be the right choice:

  • Portable: Small, lightweight and mobile - perfect for outdoor adventures like camping and picnics.
  • Value for money: Charcoal barbecues offer a great barbecue experience at an affordable price.
  • Authentic barbecuing: For true barbecue enthusiasts, there's nothing better than the smell and taste of charcoal.
  • Quick availability: Charcoal is readily available everywhere and can be quickly replenished when needed.
  • Unique barbecue feeling: The crackling of the coals and the smell of barbecue smoke create a special atmosphere that many barbecue fans love.

The choice between a gas or charcoal barbecue ultimately depends on your preferences, lifestyle and budget. If you are looking for convenience and efficiency, a gas barbecue may be the best choice. However, if you prefer traditional grilling and the unique smoky flavor, a charcoal grill might suit you better.

Can you taste the difference?

The debate about the taste of gas and charcoal barbecues is a perennial favorite among barbecue fans. Many claim that charcoal provides a more authentic barbecue flavor, while others argue that the difference is minimal. Here are some facts that show that the taste does not necessarily depend on the type of barbecue:

  • Tests have disproved that flavor differs: Several studies and grill tests have shown that there is little difference in the taste of food cooked on gas and charcoal grills. Both types of barbecue produce tasteless heat that preserves the natural flavors of the food.
  • Roasted aromas are created by the combustion process: The secret behind the delicious barbecue aroma lies in the combustion process of the meat. Both gas and charcoal barbecues generate the heat required to brown the food and give it that characteristic taste.
  • Optimum heat is important: In order for the roasted flavors to develop optimally, even and optimum heat is crucial. Both types of grill can provide this heat, provided they are operated and set correctly.
  • Juices and smoke flavor: When grilling, the juices from the meat drip into the heat source and create smoke, which settles on the food and provides additional flavor. This process is independent of the type of grill.
  • Avoiding burning: It is important that the food being grilled does not burn, as burnt meat can produce substances that are harmful to health. Both types of grill therefore require careful monitoring and control of the heat.
  • Smoking chips for more fl avor: For even more flavor, both gas and charcoal barbecues can be used with smoking chips. These chips, made from wood such as beech or oak, contain more essential oils and resins than normal charcoal and have a positive effect on the taste of the food being grilled.

Overall, the taste of barbecued food depends less on the type of barbecue and more on the right heat and the additives used. Both gas and charcoal barbecues can produce delicious barbecued food as long as they are used correctly and the basic rules of barbecuing are followed.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas barbecues vs. charcoal barbecue

Category Gas barbecue Charcoal barbecue
Time required Heats up quickly, ready to use immediately Longer heat-up time, requires ignition time and waiting time for hot embers
Cleaning Easy to clean, no ash residue Ash and charcoal residue must be removed regularly
Convenience Precise temperature control, simple operation Easy to handle, but less precise temperature control
Safety Less smoke, no open fire Open fire, greater fire risk, more smoke development
Environmentally friendly Produces less CO2, less odor More smoke, higher CO2 emissions
Price More expensive to buy, cheaper to run Cheaper to purchase, higher operating costs due to charcoal required
Flexibility Can be easily connected to gas pipe, mobile Dependent on charcoal supply, less mobile
Barbecue result Even heat, less flame formation Unique smoky aroma, characteristic grill stripes
Availability Gas cylinders must be purchased separately Charcoal is usually readily available
Versatility Can often be extended with accessories (e.g. side burner, rotisserie) Simple design, fewer customization options

Our recommendation: gas barbecue or charcoal barbecue?

Now that we've looked at the pros and cons of gas and charcoal barbecues, we'd like to give you our recommendation based on your needs and preferences.

  • If you are a barbecue master who likes to prepare delicious dishes quickly and easily, then a gas barbecue is the right choice for you. Our selection of gas barbecues not only offers precise temperature control and quick heating, but also easy cleaning. A favorite of ours is the Atago gas grill - a compact gas grill that's perfect for on the go. With its cool design and portability, you can take the Atago gas barbecue anywhere and, thanks to piezo ignition, you can be grilling in no time.

  • However, if you prefer traditional barbecuing with its unmistakable smoky aroma and rustic atmosphere, a charcoal barbecue is the better choice for you. Our selection of charcoal barbecues offers you the real barbecue feeling and the incomparable taste of charcoal. We would particularly like to recommend the Petromax Atago - a true all-rounder among charcoal barbecues that not only looks great, but also delivers excellent results - whether roasting, cooking or baking. With the Atago, you can prepare delicious dishes with the unique smoky aroma of a charcoal barbecue.

No matter which barbecue you choose, with Petromax you get high-quality products that are designed for quality, durability and performance. Treat yourself to the best barbecue experience and make every barbecue evening an unforgettable experience with Petromax.