The right care for natural loden: Washing and care made easy

Petromax Loden made of 100 % milled virgin sheep's wool is not only extremely robust, but also easy to care for. In contrast to conventional clothing, it requires much less attention. However, if your Loden still needs cleaning over time, we will give you all the tips and tricks here on how to wash your Loden fabric properly so that it is ready for any adventure.

Everyday care: tips and tricks

Loden clothing is particularly hard-wearing, but it also needs a little attention from time to time. The material hardly absorbs odors and is resistant to soiling. A simple airing is usually enough to remove the campfire smell. However, there are also situations in which thorough cleaning is advisable.

  • Small mishaps: Whether mud or spilt coffee - superficial soiling can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

  • Coarse soiling: Encrustations? No problem. Let them dry and then brush them off gently with a soft clothes brush (e.g. made of horsehair).

Note: If you iron your loden carefully at regular intervals, you will maintain the durability of your clothing, as this will smooth out the raised wool fibers, compact the fabric surface again and strengthen the natural water and wind resistance.

Washing with our organic hand wash detergent

  • The right mixture: Dilute the organic hand wash detergent in a ratio of 1:25 with water, e.g. 400 ml of hand wash detergent in 10 liters of water.

  • The immersion bath: Place your loden garment in the diluted detergent bath and leave it to soak for 2 hours. The water temperature should be lukewarm and not exceed 30 °C.

  • Thorough rinsing: Rinse your loden generously and thoroughly with clear water, whereby the water temperature should not exceed 30 °C.

  • Drying tips: Gently squeeze the washed loden garment, roll it in a dry towel and gently squeeze it several times to remove excess water. Then leave to dry flat.

Important additional tips:

  • Professional cleaning: If you don't feel like doing it by hand, you can take your loden to a dry cleaner.

  • Regreasing for protection: Wool grease can be lost after repeated washing. Use high-quality wool grease (lanolin) according to the manufacturer's instructions to protect your loden from wind and weather.

Good to Know: Mulesing-free Petromax Loden - animal welfare in focus

Petromax not only stands for high-quality outdoor adventures, but also for responsibility. The quality of our materials and careful workmanship are crucial. But for us, sustainability also means animal welfare.
That is why we at Petromax say NO to the controversial mulesing procedure, in which skin is removed from the hindquarters of lambs without anaesthetic. This serves to protect against fly infestation, but is painful and is sharply criticized by experts due to ethical concerns.

Petromax says NO to mulesing and YES to animal welfare!

As a responsible brand, we do not use mulesing and support alternative methods despite higher costs. Animal welfare and sustainable production take center stage. With mulesing-free Petromax Loden you not only wear quality, but also make a statement for animal welfare and sustainable production. The dragon on your chest and a clear conscience on your skin!