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Care paste cast iron and wrought iron

Care paste cast iron and wrought iron

  • Preserves the pre-treated surface of Dutch ovens and pans
  • Combines protection and care
  • Use as a stoving paste
  • Unique composition of ingredients
  • Forms an excellent patina
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Made from natural ingredients, the paste maintains and preserves the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) of Petromax fire pots and cast iron Dutch Oven and pans. It is also excellent for baking non-pretreated cast iron Dutch Oven.

Combines protection and care
The food-safe paste provides optimal care when applied to the fire pot after each cooking session. This preserves the pre-treated surface of the Petromax fire pot. At the same time, the care paste protects the fire pot from rust and the unwanted adhesion of food.

Use as burn-in paste
The paste is also suitable for the first or repeated burn-in of Dutch Oven. By burning in with the care paste, any rust spots can also be specifically removed.

Unique composition of ingredients
Unlike commercially available cooking oils, this paste does not go rancid due to a refined composition of various natural oils and even has a shelf life of up to 7 years. Thus, the fire pot can be maintained with it without hesitation even before a longer storage.

Forms an excellent patina
Through regular use of the food-safe care paste, a high-quality patina forms over time. This patina not only benefits the quality of the cast iron fire pot, but also optimizes its cooking and frying properties.

Made from pure natural products, food safe, vegan, gluten free, paraffinum subliquidum Ph. Eur., native oil components, triglyceride oils, base oil blend with ionic liquid, color and weight additives. Store in a dark, cool and closed place.

Operation & care

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