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Coal shovel

Coal shovel

  • Practical accessories
  • Quick filling of barbecue and fire pits
  • Clean transportation
  • For the next barbecue
  • Secure handle
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This makes the coal shovel the ideal helper for filling and cleaning barbecues and fireplaces:

  • practical accessory: black painted steel coal shovel
  • fast filling of barbecue and fireplaces: large storage area for coal and briquettes
  • cleanly transported: Coal and ash residues remain on the shovel thanks to high side edges
  • for the next barbecue pleasure: insertable sieve separates unburned briquettes and coals from the ash
  • safe handle: can be used with the Petromax wooden handle for wrought iron pans

Coal shovel for clean cleaning and filling

Now you ensure good preparation and sustainable cleaning: The Petromax coal shovel is your practical accessory to quickly fill coals and briquettes into the grill or your fireplace and to clean it easily after the cooking pleasure. Thanks to the high side edges, the robust shovel made of black painted steel can hold many coals and briquettes and the grill or fireplace in your outdoor kitchen can be filled cleanly with the practical accessory.

Coal shovel with insertable sieve for flexible use

After the barbecue, not all the coals or briquettes are completely burned. The Petromax coal shovel with insertable sieve ensures that the coal residues are cleanly separated from the ash and can be used again for the next outdoor cooking experience. Cleaning your grill or fire bowl is also easy with the large coal shovel.

Cleverly combined - coal shovel with handle

The Petromax wooden handle for wrought iron pans ensures a secure grip of your coal shovel, which fits perfectly around the handle and protects your hand from heat.

The Petromax coal shovel is your indispensable accessory at the barbecue and fireplace, with which you can optimally prepare your cooking area in nature and clean it effortlessly after the grilling pleasure.

Operation & care

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