Cotton kindling

Cotton kindling

  • Ready to start immediately: 450 ignitions per can for countless campfires.
  • Natural fuel: 100% pyrolyzed cotton rope - intensive and long-lasting.
  • Compact & protected: Packed wind and waterproof in a handy tin can.
  • Versatile ignition: Usable with the Petromax Fire Plunger or a fire steel.
  • Sustainable: Empty cans reusable for homemade cotton tinder.
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Every crackling campfire takes its origin in the embers - With the cotton tinder in the handy tin can you have the igniting element for the Petromax fire piston immediately at hand. The content of one tin corresponds to a good 450 ignitions and is enough to fill the reservoir of your fire flask about 30 times. The fuel is completely natural and consists exclusively of pyrolyzed cotton rope. This glows particularly intensively and for a long time, so that you can heat up your embers and get your cooking going.

Since the cotton tinder is protected from wind and water and packed in a space-saving way in the can, you can always leave it in your backpack as a little helper. So you have the alternative to make it glow with a fire steel.

If you have used up your tinder supply, you can reuse the empty tin can to make your own cotton tinder from old fabric scraps.

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