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Fire pan with handle 15-40 cm

Fire pan with handle 15-40 cm

  • Das beste Material: Gusseisen
  • Auf allen Kochstellen verwendbar
  • Erhältlich in sechs Größen
  • Hervorragende Wärmeverteilung und Antihaft-Effekt
  • Leicht zu pflegen und langlebig
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The Petromax fire pan made of high-quality cast iron is indispensable for your meals over an open fire and in the kitchen at home. Because cast iron pans are extremely durable, they are also used by professional chefs. Once you've tried it, you won't want to do without the fire pan and its many advantages.

The best material: cast iron
The high-quality cast iron with its excellent heat distribution is ready to use and easy to clean thanks to the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish). The durable and robust pan has a natural non-stick effect, which improves with every frying process as a patina forms. Cast iron is also a good heat accumulator, so you can serve your dishes directly in the pan.

On all hobs
You can use the fire pan not only on an electric or induction hob, over a gas flame or in the oven, but also outdoors on a hob, on a campfire or on a suitable grill. Braise, sear or roast - every dish becomes a delight in the fire skillet.

Available in six sizes
The fire skillet has a pan handle with an opposite handle so that you can carry it safely and also hang it up. Whether home cooking or haute cuisine, delicious fried potatoes or the perfect steak: The two different versions of the Petromax Fire Skillet - with two handles or as a classic frying pan with style - are available in six sizes and are suitable for dishes and portions of any size.

Scope of delivery

1 x fire skillet with handle
1 x instruction manual

Operation & care

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Frequently asked questions

Does the pan contain PFA?

Our pans contain no PFA and do not require any artificial coating. They get their non-stick effect naturally without PFA through the patina.

The self-forming patina without chemicals or artificial coating ensures a non-stick effect that increases over time and is not affected by high temperatures. This means you can also use your cast iron or wrought iron pans over an open fire or in the oven without any problems and your non-stick effect, which is harmless to health, is retained.

Is the pan suitable for the oven?

Basically, you don't need to worry about wrought iron or cast iron pans. These are even designed for use over an open fire and can also be used in the oven without hesitation.

Can my cast iron pan go in the dishwasher?

Regardless of whether it has a coating or a natural non-stick effect, a dishwasher is too aggressive in its cleaning process and attacks the surface. In the case of cast and wrought iron, dishwasher treatment can also cause rust very quickly.

Therefore, you should only rinse your pan with clean water; if necessary, you can also use a standard dishwashing brush. For optimum cleaning without damaging the patina, use the ring cleaner for cast and wrought iron or the scraper for fire pans and skillets, which is also available for grill fire pans with grooves.

How long will the coating on my pan last?

The durability of the coating varies depending on the quality of the pan or the type of coating. A durable product saves a lot of frustration. You will know this if you have ever been annoyed by holding a dented pan in your hands or seeing scratches on the coating after only a short time.

The best coating is no coating: Cast iron or wrought iron pans have no coating, yet they have excellent non-stick properties. This is thanks to the valuable patina that develops over time after baking.

Cleaning with washing-up liquid can damage the patina. However, this does not make your pan unusable, as you can restore the patina by re-seasoning it. With good care, your cast-iron and wrought-iron pans and their natural non-stick effect will last a lifetime.

You can find out exactly what to do if your valuable patina is damaged in the instructions for use or in our blog guide.