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Grill grate camping oven

Grill grate camping oven

  • high quality: stainless steel grill for evenly browned rolls
  • optimal heat distribution occurs around the grill: this ensures even distribution of heat and ideal browning
  • low-calorie preparation: steaming vegetables and meat, also works in the ft6
  • stable stand thanks to the three feet, high-quality workmanship: struts and rings are close together and even chopped vegetables can be placed on the grill grate
  • also serves as a trivet for the camping oven or for other products, eg.For example, fire pan and percolator
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Camping and caravanning:
The grill rack of the Petromax camping oven conjures up rolls whose golden-brown crispy crust makes every connoisseur's heart beat faster. When a new morning dawns in the camper, accompanied by an overwhelming hunger, breakfast is quickly taken care of. While you place the camping oven on the camper stove and the coffee slowly blossoms in the percolator, you take the prepared spelt rolls and pumpkin seed rolls from the refrigerator. An enticing aroma begins to spread inside the camper as you quietly set the table for breakfast.

The camping oven's triple air circulation with top, bottom and side heat makes every oven dish a success - turning the grill rack into an oven to go. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution, the rolls can be easily removed from the grill and always succeed.

The grill rack also allows steam cooking in the camping oven - the three feet ensure a tilt-proof stand. Simply fill the oven with water up to the middle of the feet. The flavors of spices and herbs used to season the vegetables or chicken come out for an intense taste experience, while retaining all the important vitamins and nutrients. Since the struts and rings of the grill grate are close together, shredded vegetables or strips of meat can be well placed. But fish fillets, seafood or marshmallows and desserts can also be prepared on the grill grate - this is where cooking creativity comes in. Try out different preparation methods to discover your favorite dishes.

Thanks to its multiple uses, the grill grate can also be used as a trivet for the camping oven to protect the camping table or the ground from the heat. Other cookware, such as the percolator or a small fire pot, can also be placed there.

The grill grate is made of high quality stainless steel and can be easily cleaned and dried after use with detergent and a cloth. Because of its light weight, it is the perfect companion for any adventure. It fits effortlessly in the zippered pocket of the ta-camp-oven camping oven carrying bag, protecting it from contact corrosion. This means it's always close at hand, ready for adventure when you go on your next trip with the Camping Oven.

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