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Rocket stove rf33

Rocket stove rf33

  • Self-sufficient outdoor stove for quick start-up with branches, twigs or pine cones
  • Efficient and powerful with little fuel thanks to chimney effect
  • Strongly equipped and well insulated for residue-free operation
  • Optimal heat distribution due to cast iron cooking surface
  • Compact cooking area ready for immediate use
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This makes the Rocket Oven a high performance oven for your fast-paced cooking adventure:

  • self-sufficient outdoor stove for quick heating with branches, twigs or pine cones
  • efficient and powerful with little fuel thanks to chimney effect
  • strongly equipped and well insulated for residue-free operation
  • optimal heat distribution due to cast iron cooking surface
  • compact cooking area with immediate readiness for use

Efficient burning of biomass in the perfectly insulated outdoor stove for on-the-go use

The self-sufficient Petromax rocket stove heats up your cookware properly in no time to prepare a strong meal. The compact stove is perfectly designed for this purpose, as it burns branches, twigs or pine cones particularly effectively. Due to the good downward insulation, you can also place your rocket stove on a camping table and start your cooking adventure, because the heat is concentrated in a small space in the middle of the stove.

First you put on the ash pan, then you open the combustion chamber door completely. This allows you to position a fire kit directly in the center of the combustion chamber and light it. Thanks to the fuel support, you can continuously and safely add twigs and branches.

The Dutch Oven rocket stove as a perfect outdoor cooking area

The cast iron cooking surface stores heat and transfers it evenly to your percolator, fire pot, or cast iron skillet. The compact design allows you to generate strong heat in minutes and cook fragrant coffee, a quick camper's breakfast, or fry fresh fish outside anytime. After your meal, you can easily put the cooled rocket stove aside by the two handles.

The Petromax rocket stove: efficient combustion thanks to the chimney effect

The L-shaped design of the outdoor stove and stove ensures efficient combustion due to the resulting chimney effect. Cold air flowing into the combustion chamber heats up due to the fire and gets a lower density due to the temperature rise. The air automatically rises and escapes from the vertical opening of your rocket stove. The resulting negative pressure ensures a constant air intake and exhaust. Thus, your Petromax rocket stove burns easily available fuel, such as branches, twigs or pine cones effectively and guarantees a strong heat development, which you can use optimally for cooking.

Without electricity, you start your independent adventure with the rocket stove and benefit from all the advantages of this high-performance cooking station. Quickly and easily, the rocket stove fires up your cooking equipment and your small or large hunger is satisfied in no time.

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