Stick Bread Skewer with cast iron tip

Stick Bread Skewer with cast iron tip

  • Optimal baking results
  • Safe distance from the fire
  • Evenly cooked bread on a stick from the inside
  • Easy to wind up
  • Convenient handling
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This makes the stick bread skewer with cast iron tip an indispensable barbecue accessory around the campfire:

  • optimal baking results: length-adjustable stick bread skewer with cast iron tip
  • Safe distance from the fire: telescopic stick infinitely adjustable from 70 cm to 107 cm in length
  • evenly cooked bread on a stick from the inside: efficient heat distribution thanks to cast iron tip
  • easy to wind up: Insertion aid makes it easier to fix the dough on the spit
  • Convenient handling : easy turning thanks to wooden handle

Perfectly baked stick bread at the fire
Sticky stick bread from the campfire is a thing of the past with the length-adjustable Petromax stick bread spit with cast iron tip. As a robust and durable alternative to wooden bread sticks, the classic campfire dish can now be made safely and easily with the bread stick skewer. Before the adventure begins, simply wind up the sweet or savory stick bread dough thanks to the insertion aid at the tip. This ensures that your stick bread stays on the skewer during the barbecue.

The infinitely adjustable telescopic rod, which can be extended to a length of 70 cm to 107 cm using the wing screw, ensures the right distance from the fire.

Cast iron tip for optimum heat distribution
Thanks to the cast iron tip, optimum baking results are achieved: The cast iron tip heats up and transfers the heat evenly to the dough so that your stick bread is baked perfectly from the inside. Afterwards, the stick bread can be easily removed from the skewer in one piece, as the cast iron tip develops a natural non-stick effect over time. Clean your stick bread skewer with water and get it ready for the next use around the campfire.

Stickbread skewer with convenient handling
The wooden handle ensures that you can hold the stick bread skewer firmly during preparation and turn it continuously over the fire until the dough is golden brown. Whether you have decided on a sweet, savory or yeast-free breadstick recipe, with the Petromax breadstick with cast iron tip, there are no limits to your imagination. A wide range of variations turn the preparation with the robust and durable spit into an individual campfire adventure again and again.

Operation & care

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