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Storm Lantern Lufo with Radio

Storm Lantern Lufo with Radio

  • The lamp radio runs for 24 hours on one tank of fuel
  • The lamp has a loudspeaker
  • and a headphone connection
  • The stations and volume are infinitely adjustable
  • MW and FM can be selected
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The lamp is equipped with a thermocouple in the upper part. A full-fledged radio is built into the bottom of the lamp. The flame of the wick heats the thermocouple. After approx. 3 minutes, enough heat is converted into energy to operate the radio.

The lamp-radio runs for 24 hours with one tank filling. The wick width is 15 mm. The lamp has a speaker, as well as a headphone jack. The stations and volume are continuously adjustable. MW and FM are selectable.

The power generation via the thermocouple goes back to the Seebeck effect. This effect goes back to Thomas Johann Seebeck (1821). If you heat a metal rod on one side and connect the two ends of the metal rod to each other, an electrical voltage can be measured.

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