Barbecue party ideas: Barbecue with friends

A barbecue with friends is always a good idea! Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the park, there's hardly anything better than barbecuing together and enjoying the summer atmosphere. To make sure your barbecue party is a complete success, I've put together a detailed guide for you here. From the best barbecue dishes to the perfect drinks - you'll find everything you need for an unforgettable barbecue party here.

Table of contents
What does a barbecue party involve?
How much barbecue food do I need per person?
How much does a barbecue party cost?
Checklist for your barbecue party
The tastiest recipes for your barbecue party

What does a barbecue party include?

When we think of barbecues, we often think of juicy steaks and crispy sausages. But the options are now so varied that there's something for everyone - whether you're a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan.


  • Chicken: Marinated chicken skewers are a classic. You can marinate them in various marinades, from spicy-hot to exotic with coconut milk and curry.
  • Pork: Pork steaks or chops are always popular. Slow-grilled spare ribs are also a highlight.
  • Beef: A good beef steak or burger from the grill is of course a must. Perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection, they are a real treat.
  • Lamb: For a special taste, you can offer lamb chops or lamb skewers. A marinade of garlic, rosemary and lemon goes particularly well here.
  • Sausages: Whether bratwurst, Thuringian or Krakauer - sausages always work and are quick to prepare.

Vegetarian and vegan:

  • Vegan sausages: There is now a large selection of vegan alternatives that can also satisfy non-vegans.
  • Grilled cheese: Halloumi or other types of grilled cheese are perfect for the barbecue and a great addition.
  • Vegan barbecue patties: These plant-based alternatives to meat patties are juicy and flavorful.
  • Vegetables: Aubergines, zucchinis, corn on the cob, peppers and mushrooms are perfect for grilling. Simply cut into slices, season and put on the barbecue.

Salads - fresh accompaniments to grilled food

No barbecue party is complete without a good salad. Refreshing, light and a great addition to hearty grilled dishes.

  • Potato salad: Classic with mayonnaise or lighter with vinegar and oil - potato salad is a must.
  • Pasta salad: With vegetables, cheese and a delicious vinaigrette, it is always popular.
  • Leaf salad: Fresh leaf salads with a light dressing are a great side dish.
  • Couscous salad: With mint, lemon juice and crunchy vegetables, it is not only delicious but also healthy.

Bread - Crispy side dishes

What would a barbecue party be without bread? It goes with everything and is perfect for soaking up sauces and dips.

  • Baguette: Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - a real classic.
  • Flatbread: Particularly suitable for grilled vegetables or as a base for small grilled pizzas.

Barbecue sauces - the icing on the cake

The right sauces can really round off a dish. Here are a few must-haves:

  • Ketchup: The classic par excellence.
  • BBQ sauce: Smoky and spicy - perfect with meat.
  • Chili sauce: For those who like it a little spicier.
  • Herb butter: Homemade with fresh herbs, it tastes particularly good.

Drinks - something for everyone

Good drinks are the be-all and end-all for a successful barbecue party. Remember to also offer non-alcoholic alternatives.

  • Water: Still or sparkling, definitely a must.
  • Beer : Whether classic or craft beer - beer is simply a must.
  • Non-alcoholic beer: For all those who like it alcohol-free.
  • Wine: White wine, rosé or a light red wine go well with barbecue dishes.
  • Coke and lemonade: They are particularly refreshing in the summer heat.

Dessert - a sweet finish

A dessert should not be missing either. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cake: A simple cake or cupcakes are perfect for sharing.
  • Cupcakes: Beautifully decorated, they are not only delicious but also eye-catching.
  • Chocolate mousse: For all chocolate lovers.
  • Fruit: Fresh fruit or fruit salad are a light and refreshing alternative.

Decoration - create a beautiful atmosphere

The right decorations create the right atmosphere. Fairy lights, colorful tablecloths and beautiful napkins can make a big difference. A few flowers or plants on the table also make a big impression and create a cozy atmosphere.

How much barbecue food do I need per person?

Planning a barbecue party is not just a question of the right recipes and drinks, but also of quantities. There's nothing worse than having too little food - or far too much in the end. Here's a guide to how much you should plan for per person so that everyone goes home full and satisfied.


Amount per person


Meat / fish / cheese / vegan barbecue taler

approx. 250g

More if there are few or no side dishes and vegetables

Grilled vegetables

approx. 350g (vegetables only)

If there are only vegetables

approx. 100g (as a side dish)

As a side dish with meat or fish

Bread / potatoes / pasta

approx. 100g


approx. 100g


approx. 1,5l

For children

approx. half the amount

About half of the adult portions in each case

With these quantities, you are well prepared and can celebrate in a relaxed manner without having to worry about anyone going hungry. Of course, there may be small adjustments depending on your preferences and the number of guests, but these guidelines will help you to roughly estimate the quantities.

How much does a barbecue party cost?

The cost of a barbecue party can vary greatly depending on how many guests you are expecting and how elaborate the menu is. To give you an overview, I have created a rough calculation for a barbecue party with 10 to 30 people. Prices can of course vary depending on the region and where you buy your food, but this table will give you a rough idea of what you can expect.

Let's assume you are planning a party with average ingredients and drinks that you buy at the supermarket or discount store. The calculation includes meat, fish, cheese, vegan barbecue dumplings, vegetables, bread, salad and drinks.

Cost per person

10 people

20 persons

30 persons

Meat / fish / cheese / vegan barbecue taler (250g per person à 5€/kg)




Grilled vegetables (100g per person à 3€/kg)




Bread / potatoes / pasta (100g per person à 1€/kg)




Salad (100g per person à 4€/kg)




Drinks (1.5 liters per person à 1€/liter)




Total cost




This calculation is a rough estimate. The actual costs may vary depending on the choice of food, quality and regional price differences. For example, special types of meat, high-quality cheese or exotic vegetables could increase the cost. Similarly, special drinks such as craft beer or high-quality wines can also increase the price.

If you need to buy additional items for the party, such as decorations, crockery or charcoal, you should also factor these costs in. One tip is to ask guests to make a contribution by bringing salads, bread or desserts. This way you can spread the costs a little and offer a varied selection of dishes at the same time.

Checklist for your barbecue party

Here is your comprehensive checklist to make sure nothing goes wrong at your barbecue party. You can also download it at the end of the chapter. Simply print it out, tick it off and have a relaxed party!

Invite guests

Create a WhatsApp group or send a Doodle poll

A sk about food preferences (allergies, vegan / vegetarian)

Document acceptances and cancellations

Inform neighbors

O rganize additional crockery / glasses if necessary

S hopping




Barbecue lighter

Charcoal or gas

Disposable or reusable tableware

Keep drinks cold

Clean up / prepare the location

Prepare food

Prepare potato salad, pasta salad, dips etc. the day before

Prepare marinades for meat just beforehand

Light the barbecue

Wait for guests, enjoy & celebrate

Download the checklist for your barbecue party (PDF)

With this checklist, you'll be well prepared and can enjoy your barbecue to the full. Simply tick off point by point and you'll see that everything runs smoothly. Have fun at your barbecue!

The tastiest recipes for your barbecue party

A barbecue party stands and falls with the delicious dishes you serve your guests. To make sure you're well prepared, I've put together some of our best recipes here. From hearty meat dishes and creative vegetarian and vegan options to delicious side dishes and refreshing drinks - these recipes will leave nothing to be desired. Simply follow the links to our homepage and discover the variety of barbecue ideas that will make your party unforgettable.

Here you will find a selection of our favorite recipes:

You can find many more delicious barbecue dishes on our recipes page! Simply click through our recipe links and find just the right thing for your barbecue party. So nothing stands in the way of culinary enjoyment. Have fun trying them out and bon appétit!