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Loden aus Schafsschurwolle - Jacken und Bekleidung von Petromax


Loden is a traditional, hard-wearing wool fabric that has been prized for centuries for outdoor clothing. Petromax Loden, made in Germany, consists of 100 % mulesing-free sheep's wool and is processed in several steps into a dense, robust material. This fabric is not only sustainable, but also dimensionally stable, spark-resistant and water- and wind-repellent, making it ideal for adventures in the open air. Originally, "loden" referred to raw, unbleached wool fabrics, but today the term encompasses both bleached and unbleached variants. The classic loden colors range from olive green to reddish brown.

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Petromax Loden made in Germany: The plastic-free fabric is processed into outdoor clothing that is particularly suitable for your outdoor adventures at and around the campfire.

What is loden?

Loden is a traditional and natural material. Elaborately made from virgin sheep's wool, which is spun, woven and then milled, it is probably the most robust of all sustainable outdoor fabrics.

Loden has been known since the 12th century, but for a long time it was used almost exclusively for traditional costumes and hunting clothing. In recent years in particular, the material has attracted increasing attention. This is understandable, as the properties of this sustainable wool fabric speak for themselves: production without mineral oils, care without the release of microplastics, quiet movement in nature and resistance to sparks are among the most important advantages. Due to the hollow structure of the wool fibers, Loden has a very good temperature balancing effect and does not absorb odors.

With the models from the Petromax Loden series, you also benefit from the guiding principle of the German dragon brand, which applies to all Petromax products: The combination of tradition and innovation in the best quality. Functional cuts and details guarantee that your future Loden companion will meet your requirements for modern active wear.

How is loden made?

For centuries, clothing made from tumbled wool has reliably protected people all year round during outdoor activities. Petromax Loden fabric is made in Germany and consists of 100 % milled virgin sheep's wool - completely natural and without additives. The wool is first spun, then woven and finally milled in several elaborate steps.

During this process, the loden is tamped in water to such an extent that it is highly compressed under pressure. Petromax Loden in particular offers you many advantages: Due to its extremely strong fabric, it is naturally spark-resistant, wind and water repellent, warming and at the same time noiseless, breathable and supports the body's own temperature regulation. This means you won't work up a sweat so quickly outdoors, even on intensive expeditions, hiking trips or cooking projects.

How waterproof is loden?

The waterproofness of a garment is usually indicated by the water column. This is based on the pressure at which a textile allows water to pass through. The higher the specified value, the more water-repellent the garment is.

Loden is slightly different: as it is a natural material made from 100% virgin sheep's wool and therefore does not contain any artificial additives, there is no indication of the water column. Nevertheless, there are indications that give you an idea of how waterproof Loden is. Loden has natural wool fats - so-called lanolin. These wool fats are the true strength of this natural material, as lanolin has a water and dirt repellent effect. Loden is no substitute for a rain jacket, so you should wear additional rain protection, especially in heavy showers.

However, loden clothing can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without the material feeling wet - a remarkable achievement that works in a completely natural way. No matter whether Deubelskerl, Mountain maiden or Forest flavorPetromax Loden is therefore a water-repellent material. Loden is also resistant to flying sparks and wind.

Can loden be ironed?

As loden is a very high-quality material, proud loden owners want to do everything right when it comes to caring for it. The question of whether loden can be ironed is therefore justified. If you iron your loden carefully at regular intervals, you will maintain the durability of your garment by smoothing out the raised wool fibers, compacting the fabric surface and strengthening the natural water and wind resistance. You are doing your garment a favor by ironing it every now and then. To do this, set your iron to a medium setting and apply only moderate pressure at best. You should use ironing paper on the areas with dragon embroidery.

Can loden fabric be washed?

Petromax Loden made of 100 % milled virgin sheep's wool makes caring for your clothes easy. Where everyday clothing needs a wash after a short time, Loden clothing requires much less effort. The material hardly absorbs any odors and is also very resistant to stains and sparks. A simple airing outdoors is usually enough to get rid of the campfire smell from the night before.

Superficial soiling, such as mud or spilled drinks, does not necessarily require washing either. Accidentally spilled coffee, for example, can be quickly and completely removed with a damp, absorbent cloth. Coarse incrustations can be easily removed with a soft clothes brush (e.g. made of horsehair) once they have dried. Normally, this is all you need to get your loden jacket ready for a new adventure.

However, there are stains that require a wash cycle. The Organic hand wash detergent for Petromax Loden developed. Thanks to the special enzyme formula, it penetrates deep into the garment structure and effectively removes heavy soiling and odors. Vegetable or animal fats and proteins are gently dissolved and your traditional fabric remains resilient for a long time.

How to wash and care for loden properly:

  1. The Organic hand wash detergent is a concentrate. It should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:25. Please follow the instructions to achieve the best possible cleaning result. For example, add 400 ml of hand wash detergent to 10 liters of water.
  2. Take a washing bucket, a tub or use your bathtub to prepare an immersion bath with the diluted detergent. The temperature of the water should be lukewarm and never exceed 30 °C.
  3. Place your loden garment in the immersion bath and press it down several times. Make sure it is completely soaked in water. Now soak it for 2 hours.
  4. Drain the wash water and rinse your loden generously and thoroughly with clear water. Again, the water temperature should not exceed 30 °C.
  5. After rinsing, you can gently squeeze out your loden garment. Please NEVER wring them out, otherwise your Deubelskerl & Co. will lose their shape.
  6. Extra tip for faster drying: Lay your washed and rinsed loden flat on a dry towel and roll it loosely in it. If you now press lightly several times, you will press a large part of the water out of the wool fibers and shorten the subsequent drying time.
  7. The loden must then be left to dry gently. This is very important as it is the only way it will keep its shape. Lay it out flat, e.g. on a clothes horse, and make sure there is enough fresh air. After drying, your loden clothing is ready to wear again.

Important tips:

  • If you don't want to wash your loden yourself, you can take it to a dry cleaner.
  • If you have already had to wash your Petromax outdoor clothing several times, you will have lost valuable wool grease in the process. These protect you from wind and weather and provide important heat retention. So do something good for your loden and moisturize it. Wool grease (lanolin) is available to buy in various forms and can be applied to the outer surface of your loden. However, make sure that the composition is natural and that you follow the manufacturer's instructions and the label instructions for the respective product.

What is mulesing-free loden?

Mulesing is a highly controversial practice among experts, in which excess skin is removed from the lambs' hindquarters without anaesthetic. This painful procedure is carried out by many farmers to protect the sheep from annoying fly infestations.

Although this is the most profitable method for farmers, as the disfigured areas become scarred surfaces after the healing process, which no longer offer a target for flies, it causes great (permanent) pain for the animals.

As a responsible traditional brand, we see it as our duty to check the origin of the materials used and to ensure that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner. This includes not using the mulesing method. Therefore, all Petromax jackets and coats made of 100% loden are guaranteed mulesing-free.

Is loden warm?

The base material of Petromax Loden is virgin sheep's wool, which is particularly comfortable to wear due to its crimped structure and fiber fineness. It is breathable and has a temperature-regulating effect: in summer it dissipates excess body heat, in winter it keeps it close to the body. These outstanding properties are retained even after the walking process.

This means you are perfectly equipped with Bergmaid, Deubelskerl and co. even when the temperature fluctuates in the terrain.

If you are looking for a particularly warm jacket for the winter, it is advisable to choose Loden clothing with a higher material thickness, because the higher the grammage per running meter, the warmer your Petromax Loden will keep you.

The Waldmack Loden anorak has a material thickness of 700 g/lm. Thanks to its bell shape, it keeps you the warmest of all Petromax Loden jackets and coats.