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Barbecue and fire bowl

Barbecue and fire bowl

  • grill plate and fire bowl in one product
  • Made in Germany from robust and durable steel
  • natural non-stick effect thanks to the patina created during baking
  • stackable and therefore versatile
  • minimal packing size thanks to feet that can be unscrewed without tools
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The Petromax grill and fire bowl is the ideal basis for strong barbecue adventures. Even as a beginner you get here to the professional roasting result. The 3 feet can be easily and quickly turned into the prefabricated windings and your grill plate stands safely above the fire. After burning in, you can start grilling immediately. Meat, fish, vegetables, a good portion of scrambled eggs or complete pan dishes - with the grill plate you are flexible on the whole surface. You can decide whether your food requires full or moderate flame power by positioning it in the center or on the outer edge.

With the grill and fire bowl you have an optimal basis to strengthen or warm up yourself and your crew during outdoor adventures, because it can easily be used as a fire bowl. So you can grill at will, even if you don't have a fixed fireplace available, because the grill and fire bowls can be stacked on top of each other according to size. On the lower bowl you build your barbecue fire and on the upper one you roast your barbecue food. The grill and fire bowl offers you the best conditions with minimalist character.

Scope of delivery

1 x grill and fire bowl

3 x legs

1 x instruction manual

Operation & care

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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a fire bowl?

A fire bowl offers a modern and versatile alternative to traditional campfires. It is flexible and mobile, so you can enjoy a controlled fire anywhere without having to build a permanent fireplace. Whether you're in the garden or out and about, a fire bowl can easily find its place.

What's more, a fire bowl can do more than just provide warmth. It can serve as a brazier, barbecue or full-fledged cooking area. Petromax fire bowls offer all these possibilities and adapt to your individual needs. Whether at home, when camping, bushcrafting or fishing - the Petromax fire bowls not only provide you with warming flames, but also sophisticated options for grilling, roasting and cooking.

How big should my fire bowl be?

Unlike a fixed fire pit, a fire bowl can be moved to a different location from time to time - always at a sufficient distance from bushes, trees or shrubs, of course. This is an important point when choosing the right size.

Another point is the intended use. If you want to surprise your family with a barbecue on the barbecue and fire bowl, you should plan enough space for this. You should also consider the different heat zones on the plate, which allow you to grill with precision. You have direct heat on the inside and you can gently roast on the outer zones.

You don't have to worry about the packing size: Even if the Petromax fire bowl becomes larger in diameter, depending on your choice, the height of approx. 5 cm remains the same in transport condition. So you can also stow it in shallow spaces. A fire bowl should therefore be large enough for you to have enough space for your plans and at the same time meet the requirements of the environment.

How do I burn in my barbecue and fire bowl correctly?

How to burn in your Petromax barbecue and fire bowl correctly:

Burn in outdoors: Make sure that you only burn in the bowl outdoors - there is a risk of fire and suffocation indoors.
Oiling: Cover the base of the grill tray with a highly heatable vegetable fat or cooking oil.
Heating and salting: Place the tray over your fire. Once hot, add a generous amount of salt.
Spread: Stir the oil and salt mixture occasionally and spread it evenly over the entire surface. When the frying surface darkens, the typical patina has formed.
Cool and clean: Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool. Rinse it with hot water and carefully remove any residue with a cloth. Dry the bowl thoroughly and oil it again.
Repeat the process: Repeat the oiling process two more times. For best results, we recommend the Petromax care paste for cast and wrought iron.
Your grill pan is now ready for use!

Good news: Petromax pans and pots made of cast iron are already pre-baked, so you can get started right away.

If the patina gets damaged, you can simply renew it with the Petromax Care Paste for cast and wrought iron.

You can also find detailed instructions in our Rateber blog: https://petromax.de/blogs/ratgeber/gusseisen-einbrennen