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Petromax HK500 - die beliebteste Starklichtlampe der Welt


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The Petromax HK500 lamp is one of its invention a true masterpiece of lighting technology and an indispensable accessory for adventurers, campers and outdoor lovers. Bright and warming, it is versatile and offers both nostalgia and timeless character and charm. For many, it serves as emergency lighting or to create a cozy atmosphere during outdoor adventures.

Now also available as a table or ceiling lamp for indoor use.

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More than just a lamp

  • Illuminate

    Impressive light output of over 400 watts without electricity.

  • Cooking

    The optional cooking attachment allows you to prepare meals.

  • Heating

    The separately available integratable radiator and baffle plate turn your HK500 into a mobile heater.

Handmade in Germany.

How to find the right HK500 for you

Finding the right HK500 for your adventure is easy... If you want to bring a piece of nostalgia and nature into your living room, choose a lamp with a plug.

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Petroleum lamp HK500
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Ceiling light HK500/829 chrome
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Table lamp HK500/829 chrome
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289,99 €
289,99 €
DescriptionThe Petromax HK500 is probably the most famous kerosene lamp in the world. With its impressive light output of over 400... Especially for interiors, an electric version of the Petromax HK500 was developed as a pendant lamp and equipped with an E27... Especially for interiors, an electric version of the Petromax HK500 was developed as a table lamp and equipped with an E27...

Tradition and modernity meet

The Petromax HK500, probably the most famous kerosene lamp in the world, combines an impressive light with a power starting from over 400 watts with unique strong light technology and an elegant, nostalgic design. The impressive light output of the Petromax lamp is based on a simple but fascinating principle: pressure causes kerosene to enter a gasifier, where it vaporizes. The resulting fuel reacts in the luminous salt-soaked mantle and produces a bright, warm light. To ensure that this principle works perfectly, the lamp, which consists of more than 200 individual parts, is still assembled by hand in a laborious process.

An electric version of the Petromax HK500 was developed specifically for indoor use, designed as a pendant and table lamp and equipped with an E27 socket.

The electric version preserves all the core elements of the original, which is usually powered by kerosene. It is made of brass, while the glass cylinder is made of highly heat-resistant and frosted borosilicate glass. In this way, the nostalgic charm of the famous kerosene lamp is preserved and does not compromise on anything. The table lamp features a toggle switch that is seamlessly integrated into the overall design and ensures convenient operation. Whether on your desk, nightstand or in your personal reading corner, the Petromax HK500 Electric Table Lamp is versatile and adds a special touch to any room.