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Loki2 camping cooker and tent stove

Loki2 camping cooker and tent stove

  • Compact & mobile: Loki2 foldable for easy transport anywhere.
  • Full combustion control: Infinitely variable air regulation for perfect heat
  • Lightweight: Ideal for traveling at 12 kg
  • Versatile tent kitchen: Heating, cooking, grilling - all with one device
  • Safety & adaptation: Spark arrester protects, suitable for many tent types
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On the road with the tent and set up camp by the lake: as soon as the fresh evening air comes up, the Petromax Loki2 reliably heats up the tent. At the same time, the tent stove serves as a stable stove and outdoor cooking area. Thanks to its clever design, the legs of the Loki2 can be folded and the stove pipe parts can be stored inside the body to save space. So you can easily take the combination of cooking place and heater with you wherever you go.

Proper heating

You can easily determine how much heat the tent stove emits yourself. The infinitely adjustable air slide in the stove door gives you full control over the heat. In addition, the window gives you a view into the combustion chamber and you can see immediately when wood needs to be added. The attached ember catcher protects the tent floor from falling embers. Overall, the Petromax Loki2 efficiently releases the combustion heat to its surroundings through its semicircular body. So you heat up your tent in no time.

Designed for on the go and well packed

The Loki2 tent stove convinces with its sophisticated design: A spring pin system secures the unfolded legs and promises a stable stand. When the three legs are folded and the five-piece stove pipe is stowed in the stove's combustion chamber, the powerful all-rounder packs down to a small size of 52 x 33 x 33 cm. The removable ash tray also makes cleaning easier before transport or storage. With about 12 kg, the Loki2 is one of the lightweights among the tent stoves and Petromax offers you the matching transport bag as an accessory.

Versatile tent kitchen

Cooking a hearty meal in the open air is as easy with the Petromax Loki2 as it is at home: simply light the stove and place the pot or pan on the 40 x 25 cm stove surface. If you don't want to miss the campfire feeling and cook with an open fire, you can remove the round cooking plate from the stove surface.

For tepee, tent and co.

The Petromax Loki2 tent stove is suitable for various types of tents if it is supplemented with the appropriate tent grommet. For this Petromax offers the appropriate accessories for tents, pent roofs and tipis. We recommend to always use the Loki2 with the spark arrester to protect your tent roof and your surroundings from flying sparks.

Operation & care

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