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We show you how to prepare the popular outdoor dishes in the Dutch Oven & Co.

Cooking like the pros with BBQPit & Andi Schweiger

Discover two culinary master worlds: In the recipes from BBQPit.de, passion and perfection merge to create unique taste experiences that give the classics an unmistakable touch. You can also experience the adventures of TV and star chef Andi Schweiger, who cooks on and with the fire instead of in a professional kitchen. Equipped with our high-quality cast iron products, they present monthly culinary highlights that take fire cooking to a new level with unique outdoor recipes.

Discover our in-house recipes

Welcome to the ultimate source for exclusive Petromax recipes! Immerse yourself in a world of culinary creativity specially tailored to the diverse Petromax product range. Discover our homemade delicacies, which are not only super tasty, but also provide many creative ideas on how to make the most of our various products.

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