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Fire pot ft9 starter set - Dutch Oven Set 9 liters

Fire pot ft9 starter set - Dutch Oven Set 9 liters

  • Practical set, perfect for beginners: the tried-and-tested Dutch oven with matching accessories
  • The classic: the ft9 is the right entry-level size - from crusty roasts to layered meat. Dishes for 8-14 people, whether at home, in the garden or on a camping trip
  • Ready for immediate use: The surface of the pot is pre-treated, eliminating the need for initial baking - the excellent properties of cast iron also ensure efficient heat storage
  • A lifetime of cooking pleasure and patina preservation with care paste for cast and wrought iron
  • Perfect handling with matching accessories: lid lifter for easy lifting of the lid and scraper for residue-free cleaning
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The fire pot set is perfect for the budding outdoor cook who wants to get started right away:

  • 4-piece fire pot set: fire pot ft9, lid lifter, care paste, scraper
  • the classic cast iron: ideal Dutch Oven for beginners
  • get started right away: pre-baked surface (seasoned finish)
  • Cooking pleasure for a lifetime and patina preserved with care paste for cast and wrought iron
  • perfect handling with matching accessories: lid lifter for easy lifting of the lid and scraper for residue-free cleaning

Your outdoor cooking adventure can start right away with the four-piece fire pot set for the budding outdoor chef. The set consists of the ft9 fire pot, lid holder, care paste and scraper. The already baked Dutch Oven offers you a wide range of cooking and preparation methods and the accessories ensure that you can get started with your fire pot right away. Start your exciting campfire adventure with this set!

Unmistakable cooking pleasure with the classic cast iron pot

The original Petromax cast iron fire pot ft9 is your cast iron pot for the original outdoor cooking. If you don't want to miss out on special roasting aromas and the resulting characteristic taste, the Dutch Oven in the ft9 size from the traditional German brand is an absolute must. Whether over an open fire, on the embers, the grill or in the home kitchen - the fire pot ft9 from Petromax is suitable for a variety of cooking experiences in the campfire kitchen and in the oven.

Prepare 8 - 14 servings of layered meat, crusted roast, or stuffed squash with ground meat in your Dutch Oven with a capacity of 7.5 liters for a large group of adventurers. If you cook over an open fire, you can simply place the lid upside down in the embers as a pan and roast juicy steaks on it, for example.

The dishes get a distinctive flavor because the special properties of cast iron distribute the heat efficiently so that all ingredients are cooked evenly. Over time, your fire pot ft9 develops a patina that acts as a protective layer to naturally prevent food from sticking and gradually reduce the addition of fat.

Thanks to the resilient handle, the filled Durch Oven can be easily hung over the fire on a tripod. In the version with a flat bottom, the fire pot ft9-t is suitable for all types of stoves such as gas, electric and induction.

The lid lifter for easy removal of the lid

With the lid lifter, you can take a look at your campfire dish because it makes lifting the lid effortless. In addition, the Petromax lid lifter can be used as a poker to get your fire blazing again.

Maintain your fire pot with scraper and paste

The scraper for fire pots and pans included in the fire pot set reliably removes stubborn cooking and frying residues and fits perfectly to the inner wall of the fire pot.

The care paste for cast and wrought iron is made of natural ingredients and preserves the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) so that you will enjoy your new fire pot for a long time. Simply applied after your fire pot has cooled, it protects the valuable patina and even optimizes the cooking and frying properties of the cast iron pot. It's food safe, gluten-free and vegan, and you can also use it if you want to re-bake your fire pot.

Your fire pot set opens up special worlds of flavor and makes you a rustic fire cook in the outdoor kitchen!

Set components:

Fire pot ft9,

Lid lifter,

Care paste,


Fire pot ft9 (with feet)

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