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Petromax knives

Die einzigartigen Messer mit dem richtigen Schliff für jedes Abenteuer

Discover our selection of exceptional knives, manufactured to the highest quality standards

Whether in the wilderness or when camping, where manual dexterity and cooking skills are required - our robust and versatile knives are reliable companions on every path and for every challenge. Find the ideal combination of quality and precision, tailored to all your needs!

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Frequently asked questions about Petromax knives

What makes Petromax knives so special?

Our exclusive Petromax knife series is meticulously
handcrafted, making each individual piece an incomparable
unique item that clearly stands out from other knives. The outstanding
characteristics of our knives lie in their precise tuning and selection, which
are suitable for every purpose - be it delicate cutting when cooking
or limbing wood in the forest. The outdoor knives made of robust carbon steel
as well as the chef's knives made of high-quality stainless steel are particularly
resistant and can master any challenge you might encounter in the wilderness.

How do I clean my Petromax knives properly?

Please observe the following care instructions to maintain the quality
of your knives for a long time to come:

We recommend cleaning our chef's knives by hand with a little washing-up liquid if they are heavily
soiled. As a rule, however, cleaning with clear water is sufficient. Always make sure that the handle of your
knife does not come into contact with water. After cleaning, you only need to dry your
knife thoroughly.

For the Bushcraft and Nata knife, it is recommended that you clean it thoroughly before using it for the first time. This should be done both during and afterwards using only water. Please also note that the outdoor knives should not be used for preparing food.

Professional tip: The wooden handle of our knives can be maintained by applying a little cooking oil, which brings out the grain of the wood again

What is the difference between outdoor and chef's knives?

Our two knife types are characterized by their specific area of application. The various chef's knives are ideal for food preparation. In contrast, our two outdoor models are designed for various outdoor woodworking tasks and should not be used for contact with food. Instead, they are ideal for debarking branches, limbing, felling bushes and thinning out shrubs.

Are there accessories for the knives?

In addition to the various cast iron products that take your outdoor cooking adventure to the next level, such as the iconic Petromax Dutch Oven, you will also find the matching camping cutleryhere. You can find more kitchen accessories, such as our durable, weatherproof enamel tablewarehere.

To extend the functionality of the Bushcraft and Nata knives, the set also includes a hard-wearing genuine leather pouch. This pouch not only serves to protect the knife from external influences, but also offers the practical option of carrying it comfortably on your belt. This way, the knife is always ready to hand and can be transported effortlessly.

Can Petromax knives be sharpened?

Petromax Bushcraft and Natamesser are not suitable for resharpening. However, chef's knives without a saw can be resharpened with a sharpening rod
or a ceramic-bonded abrasive (such as water stone or
ceramic sharpening rod).