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Barbecues & fireplaces

Offene Feuerstellen und Grills von Petromax für das ursprüngliche Kocherlebnis

Discover our barbecues and open fires

Nothing is more original than cooking with and over an open fire. For this special experience in the outdoor kitchen, Petromax offers a variety of fireplaces and cooking areas. Roasting at the campfire, cooking over the embers or safely heating and cooking in the tent at the same time: Here you are guaranteed to find the right equipment from tripod to fire bowl to the combined barbecue and fire pit Atago.

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Atago Gasgrill - jederzeit einsatzbereit

Neu im Sortiment: Der Atago Gasgrill – Perfekt für unterwegs!

Wenn das Abenteuer ruft, gibt es nichts Besseres, als von einem zuverlässigen Grill begleitet zu werden. Der Atago Gasgrill ist aber mehr als nur ein Grill - er ist ein Ticket zu sofortiger Grillfreude, egal wann und wo.Dank seines intelligenten Klappmechanismus und der integrierten Piezo-Zündung ist der Atago Gasgrill in Sekundenschnelle einsatzbereit. Perfekt für spontane Campingausflüge oder gemütliche Grillabende im Garten. Schluss mit Feuerzeugen und Kohle - einfach eine handelsübliche Gaskartusche anschließen und du kannst starten!Das hochwertige Edelstahl-Grillrost des Atago Gasgrills bietet reichlich Platz für alle kulinarischen Kreationen. Sein doppelter Rand sorgt für sicheren Halt, selbst auf unebenem Untergrund, damit du dich ganz auf das Grillen konzentrieren kannst. Nach dem Grillen kann der Atago Gasgrill mühelos zusammengeklappt und platzsparend verstaut werden - für mehr Freiheit und Flexibilität.Warum sollte gutes Essen kompliziert sein? 

Frequently asked questions about Petromax barbecues & fireplaces

What should I consider when buying a barbecue?

Your barbecue should be tailored exactly to your needs. That's why it's important to know exactly what you need. By questioning your own criteria, you can narrow down your search and this will help you to get a better price overview in the same barbecue segment. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider when buying a barbecue:

Criteria scope:
- Would I like to grill something unusual that doesn't fit on a grill?
Grill and fire bowl
- Do I want the perfect grill pattern without complications?
Grill fire pan

Criterion Size of grill:
- Do I often grill in small groups?
- Do I often barbecue in large groups?
Fire bridge / tripod

Criterion Transport option:
- Is the smallest possible pack size important to me?
Barbecue and fire bowl / Atago / plug-in stove

Easy assembly criterion:
- Will the barbecue remain in a fixed position or does it need to be assembled and disassembled more frequently?
- Is a barbecue that can be folded up and down without tools better?
Atago / barbecue and fire bowl / plug-in stove

Criterion Material:
- Should the material be lightweight for transportation?
Atago / Steckherd / Dreibein
- Do I want to benefit from the material in terms of taste?
Fire grill

Criterion fuel:
- Do I want to grill over a direct fire?
Atago / Steckherd / Dreibein
- Is charcoal the be-all and end-all for me when barbecuing?
Fire barbecue / Atago

Criterion combinability:
- Should the barbecue combine several functions?
Atago / plug-in stove / stacking grid
- Should the grill be able to be combined with a variety of cookware?
Fire grill / stacking grid / Atago / plug-in stove / fire bridge

How big should my barbecue be?

The size of the grill depends on how many hungry stomachs you want to feed, but also on how much space you can give it.

Whether one grill grate is 10 cm larger than the other doesn't matter to your charcoal or the fire, nor does the cleaning time change noticeably. Therefore, if space allows, you can opt for a larger barbecue.

If your space is limited, but you would still like a barbecue for a larger number of people, the barbecue and fire bowl is the ideal solution.

TheBarbecue and fire bowl is available in three sizes. Even the largest of these (56 cm) can be reduced to a minimum storage height of 5 cm after grilling and therefore takes up incomparably little space.

Which camping barbecue should I choose?

Every camper is guaranteed to always have too little of one thing: space. That's why a barbecue with a small pack size but a wide range of options is particularly important when camping. Barbecues that are easy to combine and have multiple functions are therefore ideal.

The Petromax barbecue and fire bowl offers the ideal flexibility you need when camping. When disassembled, it has a height of just 5 cm and can therefore be stowed away in any space. In addition to its use as a fire bowl, you can cook all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables on the domed grill plate. On top of that, you can also easily fry your morning fried egg on it.

Even more versatile and flexible is the Petromax Atago. It is both a grill and a perfectly fitting cooking station for the Dutch Oven. So you can do without an additional camping stove. If you need a warming fire, the Atago can also be converted into a practical fire bowl. Thanks to the low-smoke combustion and downward insulation, you won't disturb the neighbors to your right and left. So you have a device that offers you everything you need for your camping trip. You can get it ready for use with a flick of the wrist or fold it up to a practical transport height of 14 cm.

Decide for yourself which of the two barbecues is the best camping barbecue for you.

Which barbecue is the best?

If you are looking for the best barbecue, you will come across countless different answers. Because the barbecue experience is primarily about one thing: your individual taste.

One thing is certain, it tastes best outside - both professional and amateur barbecuers know that. But when it comes to how to barbecue, opinions differ. That's why it's important to find out what type of barbecue you are so that you know which barbecue is right for you.

The practical, flexible barbecue type: Atago

  • 3 in 1 - Cooking area for the Dutch Oven, grill and fire bowl
  • Collapsible, low-smoke, can be combined with a lot of Petromax cooking equipment
  • made of stainless steel

The Western grill type:
Tripod mit Hänge-Rost

  • Tripod with chain and hooks and separately available grill grate
  • infinitely adjustable feet, variable chain
  • made of steel

The steadfast grill type: Fire bridge with grill grate

  • Extensive outdoor cooking area incl. hooks and grill grate for multi-course cooking. hooks and grill grid for multi-course menus
  • Suspension options at different heights for heat regulation, variably adjustable grill grid
  • powder-coated steel / stainless steel grill grate

The roasting pro: Grill and fire bowl or Hanging fire bowl

  • Grill plate for full-surface grill insert where nothing can fall through the grate
  • Fire plate in three sizes with feet or for hanging, additional foot extensions available
  • Steel, Made in Germany

The minimalist grill type: Steckherd

  • Clip-together hob box with grill function for on the go
  • Space-saving, available in two sizes
  • Stainless steel, Made in Germany

The indestructible grill type: Fire grill tg3

  • 2 in 1 grill and cooking area for the Dutch Oven
  • height-adjustable grill grate, tilting door for adding coal and air supply control
  • Cast iron

The multi-layered grill type: Stapelrost

  • Grill, trivet and baking, steaming and steaming option in Dutch oven
  • Stackable, direct use in embers, with three feet
  • Cast iron

The independent grill type: Grill- und Feuerpfanne

  • Grilling regardless of the season with real roasting stripes
  • Over an open fire or on the stove, available with two handles or a handle
  • Cast iron