• Flexible and portable campfire and cooking area
  • Versatile outdoor kitchen with baking compartment
  • Sturdy and loadable up to 100 kg
  • Campfire for on the go with gentle stand brackets
  • Made of 2.5 mm thick steel with all-round edge
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This makes the fire trestle a transportable campfire and cooking area with baking compartment for flexible outdoor cooking that is gentle on the ground:

  • flexible and transportable campfire and cooking place: 50 l filling volume for wood, coal and briquettes
  • versatile outdoor kitchen: keep warm and bake in the practical baking compartment
  • stable: loadable up to 100 kg
  • Campfire for on the road: stand brackets protect the ground
  • made of 2.5 mm thick steel with all-round rim

The indestructible fire bowl for great campfire adventures
The Brennbock is your flexible and transportable outdoor fire bowl with which you can discover the diverse campfire cuisine everywhere. Thanks to a 50-liter capacity for firewood, charcoal, or barbecue briquettes, you'll easily gather a large troop around you to cook menus wherever your adventure takes you.

Heated up: fire bowl with 50 l filling volume made of strong steel
Flames are tamed in the steel fire bowl, as the high rim protects the fire and allows for a clean fireplace. Thanks to the jacking up by two easy to install stand brackets you can start your fire with enough distance to the ground. So you won't leave any traces when your outdoor cooking adventure begins with the heat-resistant and indestructible fire bowl.

The combination of fresh air and experience makes you hungry: treat yourself to something hearty by combining the fire bridge with the fire stand or erect the tripod over the steel fire bowl to grill steaks with unmistakable grill stripes on the suspended grate. You will benefit from the load-bearing capacity of the fire trestle, which can support up to 100 kg of cooking equipment.

The flexible fireplace with baking compartment and detachable feet
The fire rack helps you to serve several dishes at the same time, because the associated baking compartment allows you to gratinate a potato casserole, let juicy steaks cook or keep your farmhouse breakfast warm. In the baking compartment, the fire pans fp15 - fp30 or the grill fire pan gp35-t and the loaf pans k4 to k12 (without lid) find the perfect place until the hearty dishes are consumed by the fire.

When you assemble the fire stand for the first time, you equip it with the baking compartment and then you can transport it in the car or van to wherever you want to start your outdoor adventure. The sturdy legs can be easily dismantled without tools, so that you can store them in the tray to save space after cleaning the fire stand from ash residues.

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